Disney Project 2014: Peter Pan

Movie: Peter Pan

Release year: 1953

My reaction: This is one of Drew’s favorite Disney movies, so I like it too. It’s a good one. I feel that I’ve seen a lot of Peter Pan stuff lately. I must be thinking of Hook (always on TV), Peter and the Starcatcher (saw it at the end of last year), and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I guess. But I like Peter Pan. And I want to go on the record as saying, I don’t care how many Buzzfeed articles I read about racism in the early Disney movies. I love them anyway.

And I think B is starting to actually watch parts of the movies. Which is fun for all of us.

And the next couple weeks are going to be two of my favorites! Stay tuned!

Fun Peter Pan fact: Did you know JM Barrie (the creator of Peter Pan) was friends with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? And that Barrie invented the name Wendy? I just think that’s cool.

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I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going tomato this anymore

I’m giving up. Or taking a stand. Whatever you call it, I’m not going to put up with it any longer.

Tomatoes from the store (or restaurant, or wherever) don’t taste like anything anymore. I love tomatoes, but that’s not what I’m eating on my salads or sandwiches anymore. I don’t know WHAT I’m eating. They are red and round and they vary in size, but there’s no taste. Its purpose is texture only. And let’s face it, tomatoes can have a pretty gnarly texture.

So, this weekend, after shelling out for a clamshell pack of organic grape tomatoes at our local grocery store, only to throw them away because they tasted like soft sour nothing instead of just plain nothing…I’m not going to do it anymore.

I guess tomatoes just really suffer from being out of season, or not locally grown. So from now on, we’ll buy tomatoes during the months from July to October, and we’ll buy them only from farmer’s markets, or we’ll mooch them off our parents. I don’t want to forget what tomatoes taste like. This is the dystopian future I live in. Take that, Hunger Games / Divergent / The Maze Runner.

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Exhibiting bad manners in public

I arrived at the BART station yesterday morning and walked casually down the platform. I was just approaching one of the pre-walking marks on the ground when I noticed something strange. Looking up and down the platform, I saw single-file lines, with maybe 3 or 4 feet between each person, lined up in front of where the train doors would land. The people in these lines were reading newspapers, or looking at their phones.

Standing near the edge of the platform, I kept studying the lines. When did this happen?

I texted Drew: “Is it a bart manners thing to line up single file to wait for the train? Everyone is doing it here but I’ve never seen that before. Can I just stand near where the door will be or do I have to line up?”

He wrote back: “Yeah, it’s the opposite of the NY cluster.”

That’s what I’m used to…people pushing and shoving to get through the doors first. That’s what I’m comfortable with. Is that sick?

I said: “But…a single file line? I don’t like it. =( And now I realize I’ve been that beezy cutting lines the whole time?”

Then he called me a NY a-hole and I laughed out loud, and the train came, and while I didn’t push and shove to get on, I definitely didn’t wait for the line to go first, and then I camped out near the doors. So I’m definitely that bad-manners BART person who you glare at during your morning commute. Sorry about that! It’s been mostly inadvertent up until now.

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Throwback Thursday: Public Transpo

In honor of my new routine of taking BART to work, I’m throwing back to an NYC subway post from my LiveJournal. This post hails from Feb 23, 2009.


I just need to marry someone who has good vision coverage…

This morning on the train a manly man got on and stood next to me. While glancing over his shoulder (bored) I noticed he was reading a paperback copy of In Her Shoes. This delighted me secretly and I admired him for his casual reading of chick lit on a crowded New York subway. Glancing over again, I saw one of the chapter headings: “A Harder Task Than Making Bricks Without Straw.” Hmm, that doesn’t really sound like Jennifer Weiner. I squinted closer at the book title in italics on the top of the left-hand page. Up From Slavery. (It’s the autobiography of Booker T Washington. I looked it up on Amazon.)

I think I might need a new contact prescription.

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Disney Project 2014: Alice in Wonderland

Movie: Alice in Wonderland

Release year: 1951

My reaction: So this has honestly never been one of my favorites. It feels like it drags, or something. Like, I remember all the different parts of it, but never really how they fit together. I don’t know if this stems from there being so many versions of Alice, and I’ve seen many of them several times? But this isn’t one I would ever pick to sit down and watch for old times’ sake.

Which is kind of funny, because Drew really likes it. But I just can’t get over how frustrating it is – she can’t get people to communicate effectively with her, she can’t figure out where she’s going, she keeps getting bigger or smaller…you know how it is.

That being said, I enjoyed this viewing and I think that B actually watched parts of it too. I mean, it’s very colorful and wacky and…animated. So it makes sense that it would draw his attention.

Favorite moment (which would never be in a movie made now): The Walrus and the Carpenter. HE EATS ALL THE BABY OYSTERS. (Oops, spoiler, sorry.) It’s worth a watch if you haven’t seen it lately.

And with that…we’re caught up again! (For now.)

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Disney Project 2014: Cinderella

Movie: Cinderella

Release year: 1950

My reaction: This is one of those good, solid movies that we have both seen a million times, so we can spend the whole time showing each other our childhood favorite parts and laughing over the inadvertently funny parts.

Fave moment: Do you remember the end where Lucifer (the cat) is keeping the mice from giving Cinderella the key to her door? And Bruno runs up the stairs and chases Lucifer out the window of the tower? And Lucifer falls like 10 stories to his almost certain death? Just saying. That’s pretty gruesome. (If you don’t remember, watch it here.)

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Disney Project 2014: Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Movie: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Release year: 1949

My reaction: Drew was surprised that I have never seen this before – either of these. I liked them a lot, but then, I like the source material. I now understand the Mr. Toad ride at Disneyland a little bit more (although I definitely thought there was a part of the ride where he went to hell – I guess it was just prison). I was very surprised at the ending of Ichabod. I like that they didn’t hold back, even though this is for kids.

B’s reaction: I think he actually watched some of it this week!

For those of you keeping track, we are still a week behind in movies. But I’m not worried!


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