I’m a part of that

I’m coming to you from the San Francisco Bay Area, but with flavors of New York City, Davis, and Lake County.


I write plays, fiction, and CNF. My short plays have been produced around the Bay Area, including in TheatreWorks Silicon Valley’s 2018 New Works Festival. My writing has been seen in Burnt Pine Magazine (“Trying,” Pushcart nomination), Synaesthesia Magazine, Mash Stories, the Penmen Review, Cease Cows, and more.

I work at a large regional theater company in the Bay Area, doing marketing and project management, and learning as little html as possible.

I’ve got an elementary-aged son and a preschool-aged daughter, and I like them both. I also have a grown-up-aged husband, who I like a lot.

I am so grateful to be living my biggest dream as a high schooler: living near the ocean and working in theater.

7 responses to “I’m a part of that

  1. Books: Pattern Recognition, Childhood’s End, Stranger in a Strange Land. :O)

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  3. Some of my favorite books: Middlesex, Those Who Save Us, The Help, Midwives, Water for Elephants. I could go on…

    • Ooh, I like your style. Middlesex, Midwives, and Water for Elephants are all amazing. I will definitely have to check out Those Who Save Us and The Help!

  4. myblogject

    On the book front – do you like Margaret Atwood – Oryx and Crake is amazing!

    • LOVE Oryx and Crake! I went through a phase a couple years ago where I read all the Margaret Atwood I could get my hands on; I think Oryx and Crake is my favorite. 🙂

      • myblogject

        Ah how funny. Me too. I was recommended Oryx and Crake, and loved it so much I then read anything I could get my hands on of hers. Nothing as powerful as Oryx and Crake, but a handmaid’s tale is a close second. Another personal favourite in the similar dystopian genre is “Brave New World” and of course the classic of “1984”… Let me know if you have any similar style suggestions, I need to get myself back in a good book!

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