Three things that are actually kind of nice about distance learning

There’s a lot to say about distance learning, and a lot of that can be negative. But as I gaze peacefully glare at my children learning calmly and effectively as best they possibly can at their chromebooks, I’m struck by the fact that there are a few things that I absolutely do not miss about sending them to school.

Packing lunches. Historically these kids have been picky eaters, and packing lunches is hard when you can’t send anything with nuts, it has to be healthy so teachers won’t judge you, and ideally really shelf-stable so when they bring it home at the end of the day, you can send it out again. (I see you, bananas.) Packing lunches was one of my nemeses.

Dressing them appropriately. Long gone are the days of selecting an outfit and putting it on my child’s body, which is great, except they pick out the weirdest clothes. We often had to tell H that she couldn’t wear a sundress in January, or tell B that that was a pajama shirt and he had to change it. But now…H puts together weird outfits every day and I’m just like, you do you! B wore a long-sleeved shirt and pj pants today…basically the outfit I’ve been rocking every day for the last 10 months.

Drop off. H was at a preschool that offered drive-through drop-off for most of the year, which is GENIUS. But dropping off B could get hectic, especially if we were one minute after 8pm and the parking lot was full and then I couldn’t make a left turn out onto the street afterward…this year he would have technically been old enough to get dropped off at the entrance and walk himself into the school, but H would have been at that school with him, so we would have been walking in regardless. I don’t miss drop off.

Ten months, y’all. With no immediate end in sight. Whew.

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