2012 Olympics

Last night we had an Olympic opening ceremonies party. Drew is absolutely crazy for the Olympics.

He made name tags for everyone, with a fun fact about each country.

I got to choose mine first, before anyone else arrived, so we went with one country that came from another country. Subtle, but effective.

As with the last party we had, back in May, between what we made and what people brought, we had way too much food. And there’s only enough furniture for half the people to be sitting at a time. But the opening ceremonies had all the expected moments of “wow” and also “wtf,” and we had a good time.

Now for two weeks for Olympics games – and then a year and a half until the winter Olympics and our next opening ceremonies party!

(Thanks to Erin for the pictures in this post!)


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3 responses to “2012 Olympics

  1. Dad and Mom

    We actually watched most of the opening…jumped between that and the Giants/Dodgers game. Pretty incredible. I haven’t seen many Olympic openings but I don’t remember any of them being so “wow.” Are they all like this? I’m not even talking about James Bond and the Queen…we missed that part. The industrial revolution was my favorite part. Oh, and the forging of the Olympic rings. Nice job, Danny.
    Dad and Mom

  2. laurie

    Sorry we missed the party. Hope it was awesome. And I love the name tags you chose 🙂

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