A funny thing: a challenge!

Body image is a funny thing.  Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be some soapbox tirade about how commercials ruin women’s self esteem or how everyone is beautiful in his or her own way.

But this morning I found myself in the car, no external pressure or reason to be thinking this, but suddenly I was thinking about my “asymmetrical eyes” and wishing they were better matched.

That’s when I realized that this is something that I think really matter-of-factly about: on my worst days I even sometimes picture myself as wall-eyed.  I’m guessing that no one would call me that, or even pick on my eyes as being too small, or too narrow, or tell me that my eyelashes are too short and pale.  Yet these are all things that I sometimes hone in on when I look in the mirror or at a photograph.

Yesterday in rehearsal I overheard part of a conversation between two actors.  One (male) jokingly asked the other (female), “Well, do you like the way you look?”  After the slightest of pauses she replied “Um…sometimes, depends on the day.”

Now, this woman is like 5’10”, slender and blonde.  She has crazy long legs and big eyes.  I have been admiring her bangs for days.  But after I heard her say that, I wanted to pick her apart and figure out what it could possibly be that she wouldn’t like about her physical appearance.

The thing is, even if I could point to her and say “Her nose is too big” or “She has lopsided ears,” I bet the things she focuses in on when she looks in the mirror are not even things I could pick out.

Even Drew has mentioned things he would change about himself, things that I can’t see once he’s pointed them out.  So guys are not immune to this.

Body image is a funny thing. 

I have a confession.  (And I bet I’m not alone in this.)  Sometimes I stare in the mirror, but not in a negative way.  I admire things about myself, let myself obsess for five minutes or so about a feature I particularly like.  I feel like that has to be healthier than obsessing about something I can’t change anyway.

So if you dare, leave a comment with something you love about yourself.  Something specific and physical that you are really vain about.

I’ll even go first.  I am proud of my teeth.  I never had braces and they are really straight, and the right size for my face and for my mouth.  There, that wasn’t too bad.  Your turn.



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15 responses to “A funny thing: a challenge!

  1. Lisa

    I have great expressive eyes. (I’m not going to deal with any body parts below them – but I’m sure grateful my husband loves all of those below them!)

  2. Megan

    I have always liked my profile. I have a cute, small nose and have been told I have good bone structure 🙂

  3. Dennis

    Been hittin’ the gym a lot lately, gettin’ pretty buff. At this point, I’m 200 lbs. of solid muscle (plus 25 lbs. of insulation). Also rockin’ the thick, Eye-talian hair. I think this exercise is a lot easier for guys, lol.

  4. Molly

    I’ve always liked my hair and my waist. My hair has been long and blonde and thick for most of my adult life and I can and do do anything with it (braids, buns, curls, straight and down, pony-tail, etc.). As for my waist, I like it cause it’s pretty small even though my belly isn’t always. 😛

  5. Katie Daley

    I love my eyes and my smile. I like the color of my eyes. It’s darker than brown so I’m reluctant to say “brown” when asked, they blend with the pupil. My smile is just, something people have often remarked on as genuine and beautiful. And I like to think that everyone’s smile is just that. I also like my legs (a recent revelation). I have runner’s legs, lots of muscle definition. I can wear mini skirt (though I rarely do).

  6. Joe

    I’m gonna say I check out my own butt A LOT. Like, 3 times a day at least.

  7. David

    I rather like my hair, for the simple reason that it’s very cooperative. I can lay it down orderly in the morning with minimal effort and then ignore it for the rest of the day.

  8. Drew

    the best thing about me physically is my wife.

  9. Lisa

    Well, one of the best things about Syche is, clearly, her husband. What a great comment Drew! And while I don’t know you – I do know how amazing your wife is – she totally rocks!

    Wait – I don’t mean Syche is great because of who she married – what I mean is that I love that her husband loves that he is a better person because of being with her.

    Have I totally fu—d this up? It really was meant to be a positive thing!!

  10. Sara

    Is it weird that the immediate answer in my head is my boobs? Because, yes, I really like my boobs.

    The more lady like answer is my hair…when it’s straightened.

    But really, the answer is my boobs. 🙂

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