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Cutting loose: Friends version

You know how sometimes friends drift apart? And sometimes it’s because one of you doesn’t like the other one anymore. Or something happened between you that you haven’t overcome. Or maybe you’re just in different stages of your life. Or the geographic distance between you is too great to overcome. Maybe the geographic distance between you isn’t even that great but one or both of you is just really bad at keeping in touch. Maybe you’re both too busy. Maybe you’re both distracted. Maybe you both just have other things keeping you occupied. Whatever it is, sometimes you just end up drifting apart.

I just wanted to say into the universe that I miss you, friends who have drifted away. Well, I guess in the interest of complete honesty, I miss some of you. I miss some of you a lot, and some of you sometimes, and some of you not really, which I guess partly explains why we haven’t talked in awhile. Anyway. Miss you. Hope you’re well. Love you!

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