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Disney Project 2014: The Little Mermaid


Movie: The Little Mermaid

Release year: 1989

My reaction: I probably don’t need to explain myself to any girls born from 1980-1985. This is one of the best. Movies. Ever. I love every frame, every weird facial expression, every little quirk in this movie. It’s so good.

We were in Tahoe last weekend with two of my best girlfriends – fun fact, the three of us went to see a sing-along version of The Little Mermaid for a bachelorette party a couple years ago. So this was actually a pretty special coincidence, that it was the next movie in our line-up.

We ended up watching it twice last weekend: once on Saturday night, and then again on Sunday morning. I loved it each time. I would love it every time. I’m just saying.

To everyone who has little “But why don’t they just? But why doesn’t she? But she should just?” I say HUSH. This is the epitome of princess movies, to me. Ariel’s voice is THE Disney princess voice. It’s all wonderful. I’ve been waiting a long time to get to this one. =D

photo (22)

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Isn’t it neat?

The other night the three of us were driving back from Lodi and listening to a CD I found in my CD case with no label, no name, and no track list. It could have been anything.

What it ended up being was a pretty good mix of the kind of classics that most people are sure to know: American Pie, Manic Monday, For the Longest Time, Fast Car, Tom’s Diner, etc. A pleasant surprise…a lot of those unlabeled CDs end up being much worse.

Then Part of Your World came on (yes, definitely the best mix ever) and I remembered, as I always do, a Disney trip with my family when I was in…late middle school? Early high school? I was in a big Little Mermaid phase, and I wanted to wait in line to take a picture with Ariel. (I’m already embarrassed about telling this story.)

I was in line, up next, and watching Ariel interact with the little girl ahead of me. She said, “Okay, now smile at the – what do you call it? – photographer!” and I thought that was so sweet. She was made of big arm gestures and smiles and hair flips.

When I got up there though, she was all business in a bad wig. She smiled for the picture but where was all the cutesy stuff? That’s okay, it would have been worse to be patronized. But the photo that came of it – awkward 13-ish-year-old me in a t-shirt and shorts and sandals with socks (oh man, I sat just now and debated including that, but you know, the truth will out) – is all the more embarrassing because of the big gap between the two of us.

Every so often, that photo resurfaces in my “stuff from the past,” and each time I debate throwing it out. Seriously, I don’t know if I need to say this again, but it is a really embarrassing picture. There is no possible reason I could ever want to show it to anyone, or look at it myself. But I just haven’t gotten around to getting rid of it. Maybe someone can tell me why.


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Liz’s Bachelorette Party!

Last weekend, we celebrated my friend Liz, who is getting married in November. Yes, her bachelorette party was a little early (like 6 weeks before the wedding), but it was one of the few times that the three of us (Liz, Molly and I) could get together.

First, we all met up at Molly’s apartment in San Francisco. Note the stellar SF parking:

Neither of these people is me, don't worry.

Then we got all dressed up to go out. Because I felt very underdressed, Molly loaned me a giant sparkly necklace.

Once we got outside to the sidewalk, we realized we were not underdressed, as it was not cocktail hour in the city, but rather, 5 pm. But we didn’t let that sway us.

First, a grungy man said “Are you three Charlie’s Angels? I’ll be your Bosley.” Then, a very young-looking (like 12 years old) man with super long hair walked straight up to Liz (who was wearing a tiara) (and had like a foot on him) and said, “Hey princess, I heard you were looking for a man like me.” Molly said, “Probably not, since she’s getting married,” and he very politely backed off, saying, “Oh, I guess it was someone else.”

On the bus, a man drinking a 40 out of a paper bag told me he liked my necklace, then asked another girl (who I doubt was older than me) if she was my mother, because we were both very pretty. Yikes.

Finally we arrived at our destination: The Cheesecake Factory. (We have good associations with this place, and Liz has a special fondness for cheesecake.)


After dinner we jumped in a cab and headed to the Castro Theatre, where they were showing The Little Mermaid, but with a very special twist:

OMG! A sing-along! They also gave us a gift bag with: a paper crown, a plastic pearl necklace, a dinglehopper, a noisemaker (to clack whenever Sebastian talked), bubbles to blow, and a glowstick.

It was kind of wonderful. But dark. So the pictures are lit by glowstick.

Here’s a clip of the entire theatre singing along:

After the movie, as the credits rolled, Part of Your World started again, and the entire theatre began singing it as we exited…out of the balcony, down a couple flights of stairs…and you can’t hear the movie playing anymore, but every single person is singing out loud, and as everyone around us spilled out onto Castro Street, we all finished the song (a big finish), and then everyone clapped and cheered.

One of those moments where you just feel like people are good.

(My apologies to those certain people who have heard this story too many times.)

Then Erin picked us up, and we went to Martuni’s, a piano bar, where we proceeded to drink very colorful cocktails and sing along with the rest of the crowd. Right as we started to leave, he started Cee-Lo Green’s “F*** You” and so we stuck around for that one.

Then back to the Haight for late-night pizza!

And then back to Molly’s to eat chocolate and talk girl talk, and eventually fall asleep all over her studio.

All-in-all, one of the best bachelorette/slumber parties I’ve ever been to. Great job us for planning, and congratulations Liz on your upcoming nuptials! Parties are awesome!


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