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Disney Project 2014: Meet the Robinsons

Movie: Meet the Robinsons

Release year: 2007

This movie is always on the TV at the pediatrician we go to. (At least it used to be until Frozen came out on Blu-Ray and rendered all other movies irrelevant.) I had never seen it before, although I remember, back in 2007, seeing the commercial and thinking that the part with the T-Rex (“I have a big head and little arms”) looked funny. (I was right. It is.)

I was really impressed by this story. Drew called most of the ending, but I think it was still satisfying. There was a lot of heartbreak at the beginning – orphans are always heartbreaking, especially at the tricky age of 12 – and a lot of heart in the ending. I like really liked it. I even tried to pay really close attention so I would actually know if I liked it. I fully recommend it!

We definitely used the long holiday weekend to catch up on Disney movies – we watched three, so there will be a quick succession of posts about them. We’re in the home stretch now: just 4 more to go!



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Disney Project 2014: Robin Hood

Movie: Robin Hood

Release year: 1973

My reaction: I love this one. If I took a poll of 3o-year-old girls, I bet many of them would say they had a childhood crush on Robin Hood. I know he’s a fox (no, literally, the woodland creature). But I would also bet that Drew thinks Maid Marian is a babe. In fact…

I love the Robin Hood legend in general. The 1938 movie (The Adventures of Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland) is near and dear to my heart. Who doesn’t love the handsome, roguish protagonist who is an expert marksman, outwits the bad guys, and wins the girl? All while wearing tights??

But I digress. The fox version is very good too. And I’ve grown fond of Phil Harris, who we’ve now seen in The Jungle Book (Baloo), The Aristocats (Thomas O’Malley), and Robin Hood (Little John). I like his voice. Good music in this one. Lots of memorable moments and lines.

We tried for a double header this weekend, The Aristocats on Saturday and Robin Hood on Sunday, but we didn’t quite make it through the latter. So we watched the last half hour on Tuesday, which split it up weirdly. I won’t push it like that again. Just trying to catch us up by the end of this month, which is halfway through the year!

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Disney Project 2014: The Aristocats

Movie: The Aristocats

Release year: 1970

My reaction: There are a handful of lines from this movie I know REALLY well, because they were part of a preview on a tape I had of another Disney movie. Lines like, “You’re not a lady, you’re nothing but a sister,” “Scandalous,” “QUIET!!” and others. But I never had this movie growing up so it’s not one I’m super familiar with. This was probably the third time I’ve ever watched it. I think I vaguely remember watching it at the Ruffcorns’ house while babysitting their kids…

It’s cute, but I can see why it didn’t catch on. It just doesn’t have the spark that so many of the other movies do. I wonder if they were just trying out cats because 101 Dalmatians went well? It’s fun to see some of the repeated animation sequences – where they use the same molds but put the new characters in. An all-around pleasant morning.

Aaaaand as usual, this is the least blurry photo we could get. =)

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Disney Project 2014: The Sword in the Stone

Movie: The Sword in the Stone

Release year: 1963

Thoughts: Near the end of the opening song, which sets up the world of 6th century England (“A legend is sung of when England was young, and knights were brave and bold…”), Drew was like, “I have no memory of this song.” But I felt like my memories of this movie were all flooding back. When was the last time I watched The Sword in the Stone? A decade ago?

The DVD cover has Arthur pulling out the sword from the stone, which seems like kind of a spoiler, but I guess they can get away with it since the movie came out over 50 years ago.

Drew also pointed out about halfway through that there is basically no conflict in the film. There’s no king…but there’s also no deadline on when there has to be a king. Kay isn’t the nicest big brother, but he’s not all bad. Sir Ector seems pretty nice to Arthur, as 6th century foster fathers go. The pike is scary, as is the eagle, but neither of them is a threat once Arthur is human again. Madame Mim is scary, but then all Merlin does is make her sick and confine her to her bed…for a few weeks. What exactly is the conflict here?

Maybe that’s why the end is kind of weird. I think I recognized that as a kid…suddenly Arthur is the same 11-year-old kid, but wearing a robe and crown (over his regular clothes) and hanging out in a castle? What did he have to do to get to this place? Accidentally pick up a sword? Okay. And then Merlin comes back from 20th century Bermuda, which is funny because he’s talking about motion pictures and commercials, and Arthur and Archimedes are both like, “What’s that?” and then the movie’s over.

Don’t get me wrong – I liked it. It’s just easy to pick these things apart. And I like the Arthur legend – this makes me want to reread The Once and Future King.

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Disney Project 2014: Sleeping Beauty

Movie: Sleeping Beauty

Release year: 1959

My reaction: Ahh, Sleeping Beauty. One of my all-time faves. I love the music (and the way it underscores so much of the movie), I love that they return multiple times to the “book” framing device, I love that Maleficent’s evil plan is to keep Prince Philip hostage until he’s old (too old for love?), and then to just let him go. I mean, that is devious. And this is all because she didn’t get invited to the party? I love all the repeat of voices we’ve heard before – Eleanor Audley, Verna Felton, Barbara Luddy, Bill Thompson, etc.

Fun Sleeping Beauty facts: The character of Aurora has a total of 18 minutes of screen time. The only Disney main character with fewer lines than Aurora is Dumbo, who doesn’t speak at all. Aurora’s mother doesn’t have a name (just “Stefan’s Queen”) although apparently some of the promo materials called her “Queen Leah.” What the what? Also, according to one site I looked at, there is apparently no record of who was her voice, although Wikipedia lists Verna Felton (who also plays Flora). The joke about “Pink or blue” was actually originally the filmmakers’ argument over whether her dress should be pink or blue.


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Disney Project 2014: Peter Pan

Movie: Peter Pan

Release year: 1953

My reaction: This is one of Drew’s favorite Disney movies, so I like it too. It’s a good one. I feel that I’ve seen a lot of Peter Pan stuff lately. I must be thinking of Hook (always on TV), Peter and the Starcatcher (saw it at the end of last year), and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I guess. But I like Peter Pan. And I want to go on the record as saying, I don’t care how many Buzzfeed articles I read about racism in the early Disney movies. I love them anyway.

And I think B is starting to actually watch parts of the movies. Which is fun for all of us.

And the next couple weeks are going to be two of my favorites! Stay tuned!

Fun Peter Pan fact: Did you know JM Barrie (the creator of Peter Pan) was friends with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? And that Barrie invented the name Wendy? I just think that’s cool.

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Disney Project 2014: Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Movie: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Release year: 1949

My reaction: Drew was surprised that I have never seen this before – either of these. I liked them a lot, but then, I like the source material. I now understand the Mr. Toad ride at Disneyland a little bit more (although I definitely thought there was a part of the ride where he went to hell – I guess it was just prison). I was very surprised at the ending of Ichabod. I like that they didn’t hold back, even though this is for kids.

B’s reaction: I think he actually watched some of it this week!

For those of you keeping track, we are still a week behind in movies. But I’m not worried!


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