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Disney Project 2014: Frozen!!!




Ok that’s enough.

Although we watched Frozen about 60 times this year, we watched it one more special time on Christmas morning to finish out Disney Project 2014. It was just as good as always! I will always have a special place in my heart for Frozen and Elsa and Anna and Sven and Kristoff and Olaf and the trolls (not really the trolls) and For the First Time in Forever and Let It Go and the ending scene where Elsa says “You sacrificed yourself for me?” and Anna says “I love you” awwwwwww. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Celebrate Frozen and YAY FOR ACCOMPLISHING YEAR-LONG OBJECTIVES!



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Disney Project 2014: Mulan (sort of)

Movie: Frozen Mulan

Release year: 1998

You may be asking, “Why did it take you 3 weeks to watch Mulan?” I’ll tell you why. This is why:


B watches Frozen at day care, and he enjoys watching the YouTube videos of “Let It Go” and “Love Is an Open Door” (and all the rest). So we thought maybe we’d skip ahead a bit and get him the DVD of Frozen to have at home.

That movie is basically on repeat in our house now.

I literally just have to take him outside when I want to stop watching it. He adores it. He holds the DVD case up to the TV when he wants to watch it. He knows how to open and close the DVD player, plus turn on the TV using the remote. He has gestures and words he says/imitates at different parts of the movie. He is so into it.

It’s adorable.

I’ve been trying to be really vigilant about the TV watching though…because I’m not exaggerating, he would like it to be running on a 24/7 loop. So it’s been an effort to make sure that’s not the case. But it’s really, really cute.

What does this mean for Mulan? It means, sorry, Mulan. It means we tried to watch it. We turned it on. And we watched B run out of the room. Then he came back, grabbed my hand, and pulled me into the bedroom. He would rather read Dr. Seuss’s ABC than watch Mulan.

I tried to watch at least my favorite parts (Hello, “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” and a capella final verse). But it was just like the old days. We were basically watching the movie in 5-second increments while we chased him back and forth through the living room.

But turn on Frozen? He’s stretched out on the couch, blanket in one hand, Mickey Mouse in the other, practically singing along to the opening choral notes.

I kind of like that he’s so into this thing that is world-wide phenomenon. It’s really cute. I can see how parents get sick of certain movies though. Drew and I have seen Frozen so many times over the last month. We are constantly pointing out facial expressions we like on background characters, picking at loose plot threads, making jokes about certain inflections…which is a cool experience for all three of us to be sharing.

I just wish that we could watch a different Disney movie once in awhile.

We’re also still a couple movies behind at this point. But at least I know when we get to the 53rd movie on the list, B will definitely sit still and enjoy it.

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6 Plot Holes in Disney’s “Frozen”

There was A LOT of hype around Disney’s latest film, Frozen. So when Drew and I finally saw it, we were both like, “Oh, okay…I mean, okay.” Some reviewer was running around calling it “The best Disney film since The Lion King,” which…no. And our friends were really talking it up.

But we walked out of the theatre with a lot of questions about a lot of plot holes.

WARNING: There be spoilers ahead.

For instance:

1. Wait, why is Kristoff’s family the trolls? Wasn’t he the son of one of the ice men in the opening number? If he wasn’t someone’s kid, what was he doing there? Where’d he get a sled and a reindeer?

2. I’m not sure I understand why the trolls have to modify Anna’s memory. There’s no other way to fix her? Why do they have to create this big fear in Elsa and her family? (See number 6)

3. At the end. How does Elsa suddenly understand how to thaw everything with love? What the heck does that mean? And how does one project it onto a frozen kingdom?

4. Why do the villagers suddenly accept Elsa and her sorcery, when they were previously so scared of her? But now it’s ok because she made us an ice rink?

5. Okay. So Elsa is a sorceress, Anna takes off after her, and leaves Hans in charge of the kingdom. He rules benevolently, handing out food and blankets to people. And then he mourns Anna when they all believe she is dead. No one in the kingdom knows about his treachery…So why do they all applaud when Anna punches him?

6. Do the trolls have to apologize for ruining so much of Elsa’s life with their fear mongering?

So, like I said, Drew and I both walked out of the theatre a little bit blah. We were both glad that Disney had made this movie, found it enjoyable if not thrilling, happy it’s part of the Disney oeuvre, etc etc.

But then, a crazy thing happened. Over the next 5 days, we must have watched the video of Elsa’s (Idina Menzel’s) coming-of-age song, “Let It Go,” a total of 2000 times. That is only a slight exaggeration. The view count for this video goes up by, like, millions every day. It’s insane.

Here, watch it now:

And now tell me that you’re not like, drooling to see this movie (even if you’ve seen it before). The more I watched that video, the more I was like, “Yeah! I can’t wait to see Frozen again!”

I started spotifying the soundtrack, and making coworkers watch the “Let It Go” video with me.

For our holiday gift exchange at work, someone gave me a CD of the soundtrack. And I wasn’t disappointed.

One night, I just searched out scenes from the movie on YouTube, then watched some behind-the-scenes footage with Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel…then just watched some Kristen Bell videos. (She is adorable, by the way.)

So now, yeah, I’m a fan of Frozen.

But I’d still like to get answers for the questions above.

(Or am I being too picky? Should I just…LET IT GO??)


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