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Son of Sleeptalking (25)

Drew: (nudges me with foot a couple times) Hey.
I: (ignore him because I know he’s asleep)
Drew: (nudging) Hey. Go get food.
I: Go get what?
Drew: If your (mumble)’s done, go get food.
I: Okay, you’re sleeping.

We’re both at least a little sleep deprived these days. But our little guy is already a month old, so I see why they say that time flies. We’ll be sleeping through the night again before we know it. And in the meantime, I just really cherish that stretch of sleep between midnight and 4:00 am (which, coincidentally, is when the above happened).


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Sleep talking 24

It’s been awhile – I don’t know if I’ve just been sleeping through any talking, or what. But I stayed up a little last night to finish a chapter of The Martian Chronicles, and by a little I mean until nearly 11:00.

Drew (happily): Oh! I know exactly what to do!
Me: About what?
Drew: With the lights…
Me: Which lights?
Drew: The lights that go in the…that…in the…um…the… (pause) You know what I mean.
Me: Yeah, I do.

I guess the main difference about this exchange is how happy it was. He knew exactly what to do. If only we were all a little more confident in ourselves.

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Sleep Talking 23 (plus some sleep-doing-stuff)

Last night (~11:30pm), Drew got really restless and threw his half of the comforter on me. He sat up and was feeling all around.

Syche: What are you doing?
Drew: Looking for something.
Syche: What are you looking for?
Drew: A piece of chocolate I dropped.
Drew: But now that I say it out loud, I don’t think that really happened.

So he’s getting self-aware. Which is a little bittersweet. I hope this doesn’t mean the end of the days of having to convince him that I don’t own a hot air balloon, or that Words with Friends isn’t out to get him.

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Sleep talking 21

Drew: Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes.
Me: ?
Drew: That’s the aquarium…that’s it. Good thing.
Me: Okay.
Drew: It has two heads.


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Sleep Talking 20

(I’m not 100% sure he was asleep; he may tell me later that this was all fully conscious. But I don’t think so.)

I got up at 3am to use the bathroom, and when I came back, this happened.

Drew: You okay?
Me: Yeah.
Drew: You sure?
Me: Yeah…I had a lot of tea right before I went to bed.
Drew: That is not good. That is NOT. GOOD. *snore*

(I knew it wasn’t a smart idea to down that whole cup of tea at 10:30, but I did it anyway. Because that’s how I roll.)

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Sleep talking 19

Drew: Look, what did you say?
Me: Nothing.
Drew: Look…What?
Me: No one said anything.
Drew: Okay.
Me: I didn’t say anything.
Drew: Okay.
Me: You’re crazy.
Drew: Okay.

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Sleep Talking Is Legal! (18!)

Twice in one week! Can you believe it?

Drew: You don’t know.
Me: ?
Drew: Why it goes from this one to the blue box.
Me: What goes?
Drew: *mumbles something that sounds like “wizards”*
Me: ?!? What?
Drew: Razors.
Me: …Oh.

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