Recently* I got this little tune stuck in my head and was singing it at Drew (doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot etc). Then I said, “What is that? Do you know that?”

He remembered it, but couldn’t remember what it was.

“Is it like a video game?”

He said no.

I still thought it was like, Centipede or something. (But now I’m searching for Centipede videos on YouTube and maybe it doesn’t have a song? Did I just make that up? Did it get a song in the 90s and I just quit googling before I found it?)

My mystery song doesn’t have lyrics so like, how am I ever going to search for this online?

So I did what anyone does when they’re trying to remember something, and I went to sleep. And I had a dream that I was listening to the song, and in the dream I remembered it had to do with popcorn, and I used that to look it up.

Then I woke up, and googled “popcorn techno song,” and discovered this:

So I’ve never seen this…..very incredible dance video before, but this is absolutely the song that I was singing and that I remember from high school, from the time period that I was following around friends who liked techno and dance music, and so I have a bunch of mix CDs with random songs on them, including some created by those same friends (shout out Mandolin Bill). And now I can also be haunted by this dance. As can you.

This is just a fun story about all the things you have buried in your memory that you don’t have immediate access to, and how sometimes you have to just walk away and let the little chickadee in your brain rifle through the files for a few hours until they finally find it and send it down to you in a dream.

deer popcorn GIF

*This happened like. Two months ago. And I’ve had “blog popcorn” in my notes app since then. You’re welcome!

2 replies on “Butter(ed)”

Memory is so weird like this. I’ve started referring to it as ‘cold storage.’ – there have been so many times that someone at dinner will ask me, “what play did we watch the night we ate the cheesecake” – and I’ll reply: “Oh right, I know it…. it’s just gonna take a few minutes. Let’s talk about something else and I’ll let you know when we’re paying. “

Mom and I both remember this, now that you’ve been kind enough to waken it from the backs of our minds. Thanks SOOOO much for passing this on! –Dad and Mom

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