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The week we went into shelter in place, I was supposed to have a root canal, which was, obviously, canceled. At the time the tooth didn’t hurt, although it was annoying because it was very much broken, but I figured I would see what happened in this brave new world.

At the same time I kind of feared we would slide quickly into a dystopian wasteland and I would end up with a rotting tooth, in crazy pain, but with no hope of fixing it. So I bought some Orajel and was just like, Welp. Here we go.

I’ve been chewing on the other side for awhile, and avoiding certain crunchy/chewy foods. Last week I started having more sensitivity to cold, until it got to the point that I was drinking and brushing my teeth with lukewarm water and I couldn’t drink anything fun (iced coffee, pineapple bubly, white wine) because it was all too cold. Then I also started having some pain, so I finally called the dentist emergency line yesterday to see if I could get an appointment.

He was super responsive and so this morning I went and had a root canal that took four hours?? but ended with me having a giant temporary tooth, no cold sensitivity, and a much better outlook on this faux-pocalypse. And I got to make a very icy peach margarita tonight which makes me very happy.

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