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Eeny Meany Miney Mo

I’m constantly surprised by how much the younger kid picks up from the older kid…and then what she builds on top of it. Watch out, world.

Recently they’ve both picked up Eeny Meany Miney Mo. Which is great. They use it indiscriminately:

I’m going to Eeny Meany Miney Mo which one of us gets dressed first.

Wait, I’m going to Eeny Meany Miney Mo which thing on my plate to eat.

I’ma Eeny Meany Miney Mo which blue puzzle piece is better.

Look, I’m going to Eeny Meany Miney Mo whose name is Mommy!

Sometimes Eeny Meany Miney Mo ends in tears, because they haven’t yet figured out that you can always plan ahead to make sure it lands where you want. And if you don’t, you just go, “My mother said to pick the very best one. And it is you. For the entire day. Ay” until you get it.

(Sometimes Eeny Meany Miney Mo ends in tears because it seems like everything around here occasionally ends in tears…just to keep life interesting.)

Eeny Meany Miney Mo is one of those things so quintessentially childhood…like when B came home from school on a rainy day recently and said that his class had played Heads Up Seven Up, and Drew and I swooned. So I like hearing them do it, and it validates my parenting. I can’t be messing up too much if they have the time, the attitude, and the inclination to play silly childhood games. I try to keep this in mind when someone has to Eeny Meany Miney Mo which shoes out of her 14 pairs of shoes to wear today (and then gets upset when it doesn’t land on the pink boots WE ALL KNEW she wanted).

Take a moment this weekend to Eeny Meany Miney Mo something—whether it’s something you need to choose between, something you are going to rig the game towards, or even just “Whose name is Mommy?” See if it doesn’t just warm your heart.

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