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Goodbye, changing table

Did you know there’s a reboot of The Magic School Bus? It’s called The Magic School Bus Rides Again, and features the same class, back for a new year with a new Ms. Frizzle. She’s the original Ms. Frizzle’s younger sister, voiced by Kate McKinnon. The original Frizzle (Lily Tomlin) still makes appearances, and also does the end-of-show Q&A sessions—she’s Professor Frizzle now, and travels the world doing science. It’s the same theme song but updated and sung by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It’s actually a really solid reboot. My kids love it, and now they talk about things like metamorphic rock (“metamorphic means change!”), and farming tools like tensiometers (they measure the water in the soil), and how different kinds of birds have different kinds of beaks and feet (for different purposes).

I may not know much about farming implements, but you know what I do know about? Marketing. (Bear with me here.)

So about a month ago, we decided to get rid of the changing table we’ve had since before B was born—we got it almost exactly six years ago, actually. H is out of diapers except at night, and we usually end up chasing her down and putting those on her in whatever room we can catch her, anyway.

So I posted the changing table on Nextdoor, figuring I would see if I could sell it before I just gave it away. At first I just typed, like, “Changing table, $40, in good shape.” And then I was like, I have a few useful skills, let’s see what we can do here. So I started over and wrote something like, “You need this changing table! Our daughter is out of diapers (yay!) and we’re finally ready to part with our changing table. Solid dark wood, beautiful sleigh style, one drawer and two lower shelves, this will look great in your nursery and your baby will love it.” Something like that. Marketing is all about storytelling.

And it worked! I sold it. I got a message from a woman who wanted to buy it to repurpose it into a beverage cart. Which is totally fine by me. I mean, there was a tiny part of me that wanted this to go to someone who was starting out on an exciting journey of parenthood. But whatever. I liked our changing table; it inadvertently matched the crib, which was nice. But I also like that we’re now beyond needing it, and moving forward.

So after some back and forth, we finally made it happen, and her daughter came and picked it up. My daughter was not super excited to find out that “her” changing table was emptied out, cleaned off, and waiting outside to be picked up. Even after it was gone, she asked about it for a day or two.

But my marketing skills came in handy and I sold something on Nextdoor. Which I didn’t really believe would work out. So yay!

When we were trying to explain to B and H how the changing table was gone now, and this is great because now there’s more space in their room for their toys, B said:

“Mommy, you know what? Now you have to metamorphic H on the floor.”


“Metamorphic means change, mommy.”

So here’s to moving on, moving forward, spending less on diapers, and moving kid stuff out of the living room and into their room. And here’s to a new Frizzle teaching science to a new generation.


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