LMAO (Lively, Mirthful, And Oxen)

My five-year-old is learning to tell jokes. Last night he told me this one:

How do evil cows laugh?

(He read it off his milk carton at school! How cute is that?)

Then later he told us these gems:

How do cows build things?
With their feet!

Where do cows go to school?
The farm!

Drew and I think he doesn’t quite understand punchlines yet. Also, he might think all jokes need to feature cows.


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2 responses to “LMAO (Lively, Mirthful, And Oxen)

  1. Suzanne Ruffcorn

    Mackie’s favorite joke at age 4. ‘the burglar went in the house. He went upstairs. He went downstairs. He looked all around. He forgot to steal anything!’. Yes, punch line issues.

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