Halloween 2017

At the beginning of October, I made a list of Halloween activities I wanted to do this month. I still feel like last year we got a little cheated out of Halloween (we were all super sick with a terrible flu on the actual day (and following days)) so I wanted to really throw us into it this year. Also, B is old enough to be really into it, and H is a lemming and will do whatever he does, so it was really fun to have two kids who were eager to dress up, trick or treat, do crafts, read scary books, and on and on.

My list went (in no particular order):

Bad Apple jamberrys (they glow in the dark!)

Spiderweb craft using B’s hand and string for a web – I think this actually turned out pretty cute!

Pumpkin patch – this is Lemos Farms in Half Moon Bay

Go home to visit grandparents and see the corn maze

Boo Fest at school

Decorate Halloween cookies

Gel clings on windows (a tradition now!)

Show the kids Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas (he liked it!)

Pumpkin carving

Finish B’s costume – this was my rendering using a pajama base from primary.com:

Shorten H’s Moana dress…she’s such a ham. In this picture, she’s just showing off her flower to the camera.

Trick or treating! Here is Moana and Puss in Boots:

And here is the embarrassingly large amount of candy they collected:

A good October! And now we are doing a few Thanksgiving-themed things before we dive headfirst into Christmas starting on November 24. Happy holidays!



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  1. Bob Hamilton

    You are such a good mom! I envy the energy. Keep it up–the traditions and memories will live forever! Dad

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