The other day I was driving Spike to her Oma and Opa’s house for the day. It’s close to my work, so about a 30-minute drive from dropping off Wilson at preschool. She’s been a terrible sleeper lately – takes forever to fall asleep, wakes up in the middle of the night, gets up early. We hope it’s molars.

Anyway, she fell asleep in the car, so I took that opportunity to listen to some Falsettos. I was listening to “Trina’s Song,” which I have quoted here before, and which is unfortunately still 100% appropriate in today’s world. The second half of that track is “March of the Falsettos,” which was always a skip track for me on the original soundtrack.* But I let it play, and then when it ended, Trina has a little reprise finishing off her part of the song, but before she could start singing, this little voice from the backseat goes, “Again.”

So I played it again. And again.

And then today, in the car, while Wilson was asking for the first King George song on the Hamilton soundtrack, Spike started asking for “March,” and I had to go back and forth between Hamilton and Falsettos to keep both kids happy. “Had to.” I “had to” make my kids take turns between two awesome musicals.

Finally Wilson came around to “March” and they were both asking for it. And both singing it. And tonight after I put them to bed I stood in the hallway outside their room and listened to them both sing, “March, march, march of the falsettos!” I could cry.

I thought about pulling up a video for them but worried it might weird them out. But I can’t wait to show them the filmed version one day.


*Actually…”Trina’s Song” was a skip track too on the original cast recording. I think this is a case of the revival recording being better than the original. I do like the staging of the revival version. (I can’t believe I’m admitting that in print.)



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