Babysitters for Rent

I woke up in the middle of the night with this brilliant idea: to do a comparison of the characters in Rent with those in the Babysitters Club books. In my mind, I was like, Ohmygosh, this TOTALLY scans!! Here’s what I had:

Mary Anne / Mark: Because Mary Anne is the club secretary and keeps track of everyone’s appointments and jobs and classes, and Mark sings, “Why am I the witness / And when I capture it on film / Does it mean that it’s the end and I’m alone?”

Kristy / Tom Collins: Because the entire BSC series is based on the idea that Kristy has these big great ideas, and Tom Collins reprogrammed the MIT virtual reality equipment to self-destruct as it broadcast the words “Actual reality – act up – fight AIDS.” Also, it’s his idea to open up a restaurant in Santa Fe.

Claudia / Angel: Because if any BSC member was gonna show up somewhere dressed in a sexy Santa outfit, it would hands down be Claudia, and Ann M. Martin would still find a way to work it into the text that she has long black hair and almond-shaped eyes.

Jessi / Mimi: I think this is mostly because they’re both dancers, although Mimi mentions hearing the Spanish babies cry, and Jessi has a baby brother named Squirt, and I’m almost positive she’s heard him cry.

This is where it starts falling apart, although there’s still something with Stacey / Benny, in terms of elitist New Yorker hovering above it all. And probably Shannon Kilbourne is Alexi Darling? Shannon just gives off that vibe.

As the BSC’s Chief Alternate Officer, a totally made-up and basically pointless role, Dawn sort of reflects a Maureen sensibility, where she doesn’t really have a job but manages to be in the middle of all things. Which leaves Logan and Mallory to duke it out over Roger and Joanne…I’m leaning toward Logan as Joanne, the smart one with a life outside of babysitting/performance art, while Mallory, who won’t stop whining about being the oldest of eight kids, having curly red hair, and having to wear glasses and braces, is sort of like Roger whining about…having AIDS?

So it doesn’t 100% scan. But I bet I know some clever people who could help me sort out the ones that don’t quite make sense…yet.


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