In a name

My four-year-old son has developed a new interest: naming things. I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff, but he’s been pulling the most random names out of the air.

I mean, years ago he came up with this imaginary (?) friend (??) named Meemeeout, which was (well, still is) the seam on his comforter.

Since then, he’s named a bridge in Stockton: Mayotoesby

His couple name with his friend Tom: Gertrude McFuzz and Pickles

The eastern span on the Bay Bridge: the Government Bridge

A giant bear given to his sister by her day care provider: Papa Benchie

It’s so cute but weird.papa benchie

Yeah, you got me, this is just a post to show off Papa Benchie. Isn’t he absurd?

Drew called me yesterday right as I was getting home, and I missed the call, but then he called again right after, and it worried me. But when I picked up he just said, “Are you home? Can you come outside? We’re going to be home in like 10 seconds, and I just want you to see how ridiculous this looks.” (See top left picture for visual.)

Four-year-olds, almost-two-year-olds, and abnormally large bears are fun!


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