Getting rid of Lularoe

If you don’t know what Lularoe is, it’s this clothing company that sells only online (and some pop-up stores), through MLM, or multi-level marketing, which means they get people to become consultants and then those people buy heaps of clothes and then try to sell the clothes. It’s a little sketchy, BUT they make these incredibly soft, stretchy leggings that actually are totally worth it, if you don’t get a pair that blows out a seam the first time you wear them. It’s happened to friends of mine and to Lula-lovers across the country. (It also happened to my 21-month-old daughter.)

ANYWAY. They suck you in with the leggings and then there are all these dresses and tops and skirts. One day at the end of last year, I was doing some retail therapy and I bought three shirts for myself. This is a big transaction. It was a special treat. I have no idea what I was celebrating.

Anyway, I hated all three shirts. (If you’re a Lula person, it was a Perfect, an Irma, and a Lindsay.) (If you’re not a Lula person, most of their clothing items have people names. I think they’re named after, like, people’s children?)

Everything was just weirdly loose in some places, and then restricting in other places. The Irma was like a tent. It was like they took extra fabric from the Perfect and put it into the Irma, because the Perfect was super short and tight. The Lindsay was huge and shapeless.

I returned the Irma in exchange for a Randy, thinking it would be more flattering. But the Randy has side slits, which means it has, like, a front flap and a back flap, which just looks terrible. So now I had two shirts and one “kimono” (Lindsay) that I hated but had spent a hundred bucks on.

I ended up donating the Randy and the Perfect. The Lindsay is still in my closet, tags on, never been worn. I tried to give it to a friend, but she returned it saying it was too shapeless. (See? It’s not just me.) I saw a photo of another friend on Facebook actually wearing a Lindsay (!), so I messaged her to offer to send it to her for free, but she never responded to me.

So I posted it on Facebook Marketplace, where I’ve dropped the price twice, but still no one wants it.

I’m putting it here, just because, you never know. I just want it out of my closet and I’ll stick it in a donate bag as a last resort, but someone might be really excited to have it, because it seems like people really love this Lularoe stuff. I’ve decided I’m sticking to the leggings. (But I refuse to buy into the Lularoe culture of calling them “buttery soft.”)

So seriously. It’s light blue, a light, kind of sweater-y material. It’s really pretty. I think if you’re tall and willowy it might look really nice on you. It just looks stupid on me. But that might not be the Lindsay’s fault. Does anyone want this. Anyone. It might make a good blanket if you live somewhere cold.

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6 responses to “Getting rid of Lularoe

  1. You could put it on backwards and use it as a Snuggie.

  2. Try selling on eBay?

  3. Hey girl! Do you want to swap it out for something that you like? I will for sure take it if you want to try something other than leggings! They have newer styles that are more tailored. The lindsays are HUGE. I instead wear the kids version and it is super cute.
    My email is
    Or find my Facebook Page or Group.
    Lularoe Megan Kreuer or Lularoe Megan Kreuer VIP.

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