Kids Say

My children have been saying some pretty awesome things lately, and I’m assuming that you want to hear about them.

First of all, there’s this little “survey” going around on Facebook, and you’re supposed to ask your kid all this stuff about himself, and then write down his answers. In the past when I’ve tried to do this, B has answered a couple questions, then just started saying “I don’t know,” then gotten annoyed with me and left. But this weekend, we were sitting in a drive through, and I just started asking him, and he just…kept answering!

What’s your name? B
How old are you? 4
When is your birthday? I don’t know, I had a birthday, my 4th one.
How old is daddy? 41
How old is mommy? 32
What’s your favorite color? Blue
What’s your favorite food? Orange. Apricot.
Who’s your best friend? Ummmm…YOU are my best friend!
What’s your favorite movie? Aladdin
What’s your favorite song? The one we were singing…”Lava”
Where is the place that you need to go? Wednesday
What’s your favorite animal? Ummmm…a pony.
What are you scared of? Darth Vader.
What makes you happy? Daddy!

So cute, right?

He also has this obsession with villains in movies, so we’ve been talking a lot about “good guys” versus “bad guys,” and now he knows that bad guys are bad because they’re the ones that want all the power. I think that’s a pretty fair statement to make, and I’m comfortable with him saying that.

On the other hand, he said the other day, “Remember when Micah was going around punching everyone in the face?” And we said, Um, no. And he said, “Micah was punching everyone in the face, but you can’t do that.” And Drew said, Did you say, Micah, don’t do that! And he said, “No Daddy…because I was doing a puzzle.” So we have to talk some more about being an #upstander.

On science:
“Daddy…why does food turn into poop?”

He also is READING, like, actually recognizing some words and sounding out other words, and it’s CRAZY, and he sits on the couch and reads books out loud, and it’s SO WEIRD. And also, in the last like two weeks, he’s suddenly amazing at puzzles. Like, in the past, I’ve never seen him complete a puzzle by himself, but apparently he’s been practicing at school and at his grandparents’  house, because now he’s a whiz at puzzles. I love it.

Meanwhile, here’s what Baby H says:

Also, she nods her head yes when she means yes. B never did that…he shook his head for yes and no for the longest time. It’s so weird to have a conversation with her, like, “Do you want strawberries?” No. “Do you want oranges then?” Yes. “Do you want toast?” Yes. Wow.


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