Children of Technology, or, Do You Have A Flag?

Drew and I have been arguing about whether or not I’m a millennial – he says I am based on year of birth; I say I’m not based on attitude.

One thing’s for sure though: our children are from a vastly different generation than we are.

I know this, because tonight I watched my nearly-14-month-old operate a game on the iPad where she drops numbers and letters into the correct spaces to make a simple addition sequence or spell a word. And I was like, but you’re a baby, how can you do that?

Further proof came tonight, when my 4-year-old, who had my phone to watch the Pixar short Lava, came into the bedroom grinning. I saw enough of the screen to see the opening castle and then the Steamboat Willie clip that begins Disney movies. I asked him what he was watching and he said Zootopia. Drew said, “Did you download Zootopia?” No I didn’t. “Did he just buy Zootopia on your phone?” I mean, I hope not.

He was sitting on the couch actually watching Zootopia on my phone, still inexplicably, when I came out and sat down and said, “How did you find that?” And he looked at me and said, “Through Netflix.” Of course! He would recognize the Netflix app, and it would have come up as “Popular on Netflix.” Holy cow.

I am simultaneously afraid of and thrilled by this weird understanding he has of recent technology. He also wrote me this note on my phone:


Oh good. He discovered emojis. And now my entire “Recently used” emoji section is full of flags. =) He also somehow started an email to the Netflix support team, where he was practicing typing his name…he got pretty close!

To counteract this abundance of screen time, tonight I took Baby H to put pjs on her, while Drew took B into the bathroom to get ready for bed, and H was pretty upset about it, pointing and saying “Ba! Ba!” over and over again. Finally I realized what she wanted, and I told her, “No, they’re not taking a bath, they’re just getting ready for bed.” She was cool after that. She is so communicative, man. It blows my mind.

They both do!



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2 responses to “Children of Technology, or, Do You Have A Flag?

  1. Robert Hamilton

    Wow!  He even spelled “vvvvbbvvbbbbbbbb” correctly!  (You might want to change your password.)  Wait till the truckload of solar-powered motion-sensitive outdoor nightlights shows up on your doorstep.Love,Dad

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