About a week ago, I was taking an afternoon walk break (large circle around the parking lot), and I thought I felt something on me. I stopped abruptly and frantically brushed at it, but I didn’t see or feel anything. Once I got back inside the building, I felt it again, and I grabbed at what I was suddenly sure was a deadly spider (obviously)…but it was nothing. I thought, I hoped, it might have been the hood drawstring from my sweatshirt or something.

About 20 minutes later, I was at my desk, and I casually reached up a tickle on my neck, and when I pulled my hand away…there was a ladybug in it. Startling but not particularly alarming, I put my hand down on my desk and the ladybug tumbled off. She righted herself, and then before I could do anything else, she flew up to the ceiling and into the fluorescent light fixture. I figured that was probably, unfortunately, the end of The Ladybug Who Traveled Indoors.

Just now, a week later, I was walking back from the copy room, and I saw a ladybug crawling on the dark striped industrial carpet. Her little staggering motions looked like she was saying, “Where am I? Why is there no food here? Who are these monsters who live without greenery?” She crawled gratefully onto my hand, and I carried her outside, where she eagerly resumed her leaf life.

Never give up, my friends.



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