The Disappearing Wubbanubs

One of the things you never knew you needed for your baby is a pacifier with a stuffed animal attached.


We got Baby H one when she born, and then she never cared about pacifiers until she was 7 or 8 months old, and then it became ALL the rage. She had a kitty at first, and then we got her a lamb as a backup…and then the kitty just disappeared. Completely gone.

Drew got her a hippo for her birthday, but then the lamb was SO DIRTY and we didn’t think we could go the length of a load of laundry without a pacifier, so we gave her the hippo a few days early while we washed the lamb. Then just as the lamb came out of the washing machine…the hippo DISAPPEARED.

Like, we had it. In the house. Now no one can find it. Where could it possibly have gone? It’s not even a matter of “maybe it’s in the car, maybe it got left at the store.” We know exactly where we were when we had it and then when we couldn’t find it.

So I’m just saying…is it at all possible…that when our backs are turned, the stuffed animals are becoming sentient and getting up and leaving? Like, is that possible?

It’s funny because when this started, my concern was, what do you do with the stuffed animal part when the pacifier part starts to wear out? They don’t detach – do you just throw the whole thing out? I hate that idea. Now it appears (pun intended) we won’t ever have to deal with that conundrum.

I’m looking at Amazon wondering if I should get another one. But if they ARE becoming sentient, should I avoid the dragon and the tiger, and instead get a penguin or bunny? Just to be on the safe side?


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