Let Me Google That For You

Let Me Google That For You is a fantastic passive aggressive tool if you know someone who asks you a lot of questions, and you’d like to alienate them. For example, let’s say your cousin keeps texting you and you want to end the conversation but then she asks, “Hey, what’s the order of operations again?” You pull up LMGTFY, and send her this link:


(Okay, but seriously, you have to click the link to get the full effect.)

(Did you do it?)


Now your cousin feels dumb and thinks you’re kind of a douche, but theoretically she lays off on asking you questions that she can literally just look up herself, maybe even easier than asking you. Great job.

I have LMGTFY anxiety. Sometimes I’ll be asking someone something, and then I’ll stop and be like, I should just look this up myself. I don’t need to bother them. I can find this answer on the internet in probably less than 10 seconds.

But here’s the thing: by deleting that half-typed text, there’s an element of social interaction that gets lost. I can look up facts about Survivor, or I can ask Jonathan and he can wax poetic about it and give me his analysis. I can google that movie with Brittany Murphy that I saw back in high school…or I can start up a conversation with Kirsten and we can try to figure out what the name of it was. And Drew…well, I don’t really have a filter with him, so I’m pretty much just asking questions 24/7, but he’s kind of developed a sort of verbal LMGTFY, or at least a tone that says the same thing, that he can bring out from time to time.

So while I approve the use of LMGTFY when it’s amusing, and I am constantly impressed by the wealth of information available at our fingertips any time of day or night…I don’t want to completely give up on asking questions of my friends. To do so would be killing off a certain amount of conversation and personal connection.

Okay. Ask me your best LMGTFY question. I’ll do my best to answer it without snark.


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