Be Mine

I have always had a fondness for Brachs conversation hearts, even though I suspect they might actually be disgusting. In high school, my best friend and I used to give them to each other every Valentine’s Day, and one year when we did time capsules in school, we both included conversations hearts in ours.

It’s been a couple years since I’ve had them, but this year she sent me some boxes as a Valentine’s gift. I was reminded instantly of their chalky yet delicious taste, and the way the stamped expressions of affection are often charmingly off-center. But while enjoying them, and (as always) sorting the yellow and white ones out to eat last…I suddenly realized I had no idea what these flavors are supposed to be.

I decided to do some experimenting, and so I started investigating the flavors. I was pretty sure white was some kind of mint and yellow was banana, and those have always been my favorites. I thought of the other flavors as spice drops – they’re not the typical flavors of colored candy, but they’re okay. But in my investigations, I realized they’re actually just fruit flavors: grape, orange, lime, strawberry (?). I mentioned this to my BFF, who laughed at me and then said she thinks that pink is bubble gum. That might explain why that’s my least favorite…although fake strawberry is also on my thumbs down list.

Side note: This year I found a bag of hearts at Target that are “Emoticon” themed – instead of sayings, they all feature really pixelated faces that are supposed to be emoticons. Very 1990s meets 2004, on a Target shelf in 2016.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and may all your conversation hearts be white or yellow and stamped cleanly!


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