Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year! We’ve all been sick with colds, like everyone else in the Bay Area, but last night Drew decided he might have the flu. So now on top of handling mild head colds in all of us, we’re worrying about him passing the flu to either our 3-year-old (who has had a flu shot) or our 4-month-old (who is too young for a flu shot).

This morning after he told me that, I ran to Walgreens to get one, because every time I tried to get it from my doctor, they told me they were “out of it.” So hopefully getting it today provides…some kind of protection?

It’s a good way to kick off 2016. It builds fortitude or something. I guess.

Wish us all luck.

For resolutions this year, Drew made us sticker charts, because it’s like, well, it worked for potty training – maybe it will motivate adults too. We have various tasks to perform that come with different point amounts, and then 150 points gets us a reward. My reward is undetermined, which probably defeats the purpose of the whole sticker chart thing.

I also want to complete the Book Riot: Read Harder challenge, which gives you a bunch of categories to tick off over the year. I like ticking things off (see also: sticker chart) so I feel like this is a good challenge for me.

Another big resolution for me this year is to submit a bunch of stuff for publication and/or production. There are lots of opportunities out there and I think 2016 is the year to start taking advantage of them.

I’m also going to win the lottery this year. Dream big.

Oh PS, in case you were wondering, I actually didn’t do too badly with last year’s resolutions. I think I accomplished about half of them. Considering that they included three big tasks for B (lose pacifier, move out of crib, potty training), I’m pretty psyched.


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  1. Good luck! Hopefully it’s just a case of Man Cold. I dig the Book Riot list and just might give it a go. Happy new year!

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