Lilo & Stitch fan theory

Okay, I have this fan theory about Lilo & Stitch. It’s one of the tier-one Disney movies available on Netflix, so I feel like it gets some good play in our house.

When Lilo and Nani go to adopt a dog from the shelter, they end up bringing home Stitch, an escaped alien life form who masquerades as a dog to use Lilo as a shield from the aliens who are trying to capture/kill him.

I know, right?

But here’s the weird part. When Lilo first picks Stitch from the other dogs in the shelter, Nani says “What is that thing?” and the woman who runs the shelter says, “A dog, I think…but it was dead this morning.”

So the question has been asked – why would they put a dead dog in the kennel with the live dogs? If Stitch was really a dead dog (run over by a truck the night before), wouldn’t they just do with him whatever they do with dead dogs?

I say no. I say this shelter is super shady, and uses dead animals to feed to the live ones. This is one janky shelter, and Stitch is lucky to be alive.

Here’s the scenario: the guys who drive the trucks who run over Stitch (and I mean, they really run him over – they have no reason to think he’s alive) must have a connection to the woman who runs the shelter. They know she uses animal carcasses as feed for her other dogs. They bring her this “dead dog” and she throws it in the kennel.

The other dogs don’t eat Stitch because they know he’s not a dog and they realize he’s not dead – and they’re terrified of him because they’ve seen dogs eaten in the kennels before, so every dog is fearing for its own life here.

The woman is so shocked by the appearance of living, breathing Stitch, that she blurts out this information without thinking, and clearly Nani is so surprised by Stitch that she doesn’t comprehend it or call her on it.

Here’s the scene!



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