Emperor Zurg

I’m in this Facebook moms group that has really been an invaluable part of my life since I joined it in April of 2012, when I was pregnant with B. I don’t know what I would do without a group of Internet (mostly) strangers to give advice and exchange anecdotes about pregnancy and parenting. They are frustrating sometimes but most of the time keep me sane and help me understand that parenting is a ridiculous undertaking and it’s okay to have All the Feelings.
We also have meet ups (including sometimes flying to meet each other), Secret Santa exchanges, and send each other things through the mail. Among the things I have sent are: Runts candy to a friend in the UK who couldn’t get them, books, and gently used baby gear. Among the things I have received are: books, peppermint bark, and a care package for labor and delivery, including magazines, a handmade gown, and a bath bomb. 
I recently mentioned B’s repeated desire to be Emperor Zurg from Toy Story 2 for Halloween…and another mom in the group said she just happened to have a costume from when her son was 4 and obsessed with the movie. She was gracious enough to mail it to me, where I tried to force it onto my son, who was now repeating “No Zurg, nope, nope.”
It’s SO CUTE on him and I’m dying for him to wear it (I even got a Buzz Lightyear costume for the baby so they can match) but so far I haven’t had much luck getting him to put it back on. But I have a couple more weeks, so wish me luck.



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  1. Mom

    It’s really cute! Do you need help brib…I mean, talking him into it?
    Mom and Dad

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