A Sticky Situation

I kept getting stuck behind this truck today, and I was absentmindedly reading the bumper stickers, thinking, This is why I don’t get bumper stickers, because I really don’t know what I would want to use to showcase my personality to all the drivers around me. Then I realized that this person is kind of the exact opposite of me.


I couldn’t get the bumper stickers to all show up well, so I’ll just tell you what they are. Counter clockwise from top left:

“Hunt with your kids – not for them”

“I’d Rather Be Fly Fishing – Rock Creek Fisherman’s Something, Clinton, MT”

“My Labrador is Smarter Than Your Honor Student” (secretly, these stickers really bug me – it might be the remnants of the honor student left deep inside)

“Testicle Festival, Rock Creek Lodge, Montana – I Had a Ball!”

See what I mean? Opposite of me.

On the other hand, choosing the assortment of adhesives that is going to define you to the world is not an easy task.

You can go political:






Family-focused while also making it clear that you have a sense of humor:





downton abbey

Literary (feel free to make this as obnoxious or not as you like):


Showing school spirit or other pride:

uc davis

Or very obscure:


So you can see it’s hard to figure out what stance you want to take. As a high schooler, I would have gone half literary, half weird pop culture. As a college student, I would probably have gotten more obscure. I hate to default to Baby on Board now. But I guess that’s why I have nothing identifying myself to the world at large. Maybe I would do better to describe myself in terms of what I am NOT: I don’t hunt, I don’t love my lhasa apso, I wouldn’t rather be shopping, my other car isn’t a motorcycle, etc.

I probably WOULD use a bumper sticker of a Stephen King quote though…


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