July 4, 2015

I would be remiss to not begin by saying that Drew has been amazing lately. He has been incredibly supportive and encouraging, even though we both know that as we get closer to the arrival of baby #2, things are just getting slower and more challenging (for me), and more amped up and threenager (with B), and then pretty soon (like very soon), there’s going to be a newborn in the mix. Drew is the only one who doesn’t have some kind of biological excuse to be crazy, and he’s been taking on a lot.

So I just now (like 20 minutes ago) finished my third term of grad school, and I can say now that I think it was great – I feel like I learned A LOT in the last 10 weeks. But this end was harrowing and it was unfair that it fell on Fourth of July weekend. There has been a lot of socializing in the past couple weeks, and it eats into my homework time, which has been making me panicky. BUT, I just submitted my final papers for both classes, and so everything is done.

We did take some time yesterday to do Fourth of July things – like all wearing flag tshirts together. (But then Drew and I both changed before we went out.)


B has been waking up super early the past several weeks (like pre-6am), so he gets tired in the middle of the day, and sometimes, like yesterday, he takes super long naps, then is extra cuddly afterwards. It’s hard to complain about that.

IMG_1110 (1)

We took some selfies, and went to Target.

IMG_1122 IMG_1121

When we came home, some neighbors were doing fireworks outside with their kid. I took B outside to watch, and our neighbor (actually I’m not sure, I’ve never seen him before) gave us 2 boxes of poppers and 2 boxes of sparklers. We used all the poppers, and then Drew and I hemmed and hawed and decided to try one sparkler. I definitely had a death grip on B the whole time, but he was really cute doing it.

IMG_1139 IMG_1143

After this one, I got him to trade me the rest of the sparklers for some bubbles, which are much less nervewracking.

Then, when it was nearly bedtime, B went to the fridge and got out this apple and just started eating it. We were both like, Well, it’s an apple, so that’s fine. But then he proceeded to eat the entire thing. And I mean, the entire thing. Like a pony.


It took him so long to eat this one apple he was up later than usual, but he was so cute most of yesterday. It’s easy to let him stay up later when he’s eating whole apples and reading the ABC book and generally just being adorable.

So, it was a great Fourth of July. And I still have half a day left of this weekend in which to take a nap! So, that’s my cue, bye.



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2 responses to “July 4, 2015

  1. Congratulations on completing your papers!! I am so impressed that you’re able to do that and work and have a toddler and be pregnant. It sounds like your Fourth was quite nice, I’m glad you were able to enjoy some of the weekend!

    • It was definitely a stretch to get through the last month or so. I am relieved it’s over and ready to lighten the load somewhat. (And then add a newborn. Yay!)

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