Game of Chairs

We are Game of Thrones fanatics around here, and this past weekend was episode 8 (of 10), so this season is getting really good. On Sunday, B was playing with this set of castle furniture he got from his godmother Erin a long time ago, and he held up this piece to me and said, “Whass that?”

Sometimes I get really excited about teachable moments, so I go into this like, “Ooh, it’s a THRONE,* and it’s like this really special seat for kings and queens to sit on when they rule” kind of monologue. After which B looks at it again, says, “Zat’s a chair,” and drops it to go for the next interesting thing.

Take that, Westeros!

*I mean truthfully, I just think this is the throne, it’s like the throniest thing in the set, but it doesn’t look anything like the iron throne, which is okay, but I guess what I’m saying is I might have been mistaken in calling it a throne, but it doesn’t really matter, because he “emperor’s new clothes”ed me anyway.


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