Impromptu Clear Lake visit

This week was the last week of my second term of school, so when I had pretty much wrapped up everything by this weekend, I was eager to get all of us out of the house. Drew suggested we go visit my parents, since we haven’t been up there in awhile, and the weather in Lake County was supposed to be sunny and in the 80s. So yesterday we drove up there for a quick random visit (we were only there for about 5 hours).

It was so nice to see everything again and see what my parents have been doing to their house and yard. B was perfectly happy to play in their garden storage area, which has a gravel floor, and practice scooping and pouring (and dumping and mess-making). I had been thinking a lot about the county park which is nearby their house, so after lunch we all drove over there to check it out.

The play structure I remember is gone, but replaced with one that’s more plastic-based (and probably safer). My dad was pushing B on the swing and B said “Awesome! Is AMAZING!” So cute. My dad said, “Has he been on a swing before?” We were like “YES all the time.”


Then, since the lake is RIGHT THERE, we couldn’t resist letting him go in a little bit. I walked in with him and he splashed and picked up rocks and algae. He kept saying “Go out there” and pointing out to the lake. Next time we’ll have to take him swimming for reals.


We went back to the house and he drew with my parents on a chalkboard for awhile, and tried to get close to the cats (good luck) and played with blocks and letter magnets. We left right before 4 when he started melting down from not napping. Drove all the way home with him chatting in the back and not napping. He told us a bunch of times he “had fun with Grandpa and Grandma.”

5+ hours in the car? Totally #worthit!



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2 responses to “Impromptu Clear Lake visit

  1. Mom and Dad

    It was wonderful to have you visit. I wished we lived closer, but maybe this is good. We love you.

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