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Disney Project 2014: Chicken Little

Movie: Chicken Little

Release year: 2005

You’ve never seen this one either, have you? Well, it was just okay. It’s all over the place: it’s an underdog story, a “how can I get my dad to be proud of me” story, a reworked familiar fable – and then halfway through turns into an action adventure with aliens invading, sidekicks becoming useful because of their flaws, and a pseudo-love story crammed in at the end. Not exactly cohesive, and I’m not sure anyone working on the movie knew what they were going for.

I feel like there were a couple things I laughed at, but I can’t even remember them anymore.

Sorry, Chicken Little! You’re a blip. (A blip with only 36% on Rotten Tomatoes. Yikes.)

At least B enjoyed reading your credits!




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