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Disney Project 2014: Tarzan

Movie: Tarzan

Release year: 1999

I actually really like Tarzan. I like the Phil Collins music. I like the way the animators based Tarzan on a teenager with a skateboard. (It’s true!) I like the Tarzan/Jane relationship. I like the ending. I just really like this movie.

…From what I remember. Because I did not really watch it when it was playing at our house this weekend.

B just doesn’t want to have anything to do with any Disney movie that isn’t Frozen. It’s going to make the rest of this project difficult. Because we’re going to get into the movies that neither Drew nor I have seen (Home on the Range, Meet the Robinsons, etc), and I’m just not even going to be able to talk about them, because out of a 90-minute movie, I will have seen 8 minutes. Oh well.

I might have to rewatch this one, because I do really like it. Also, if you haven’t seen it, or haven’t seen it lately, Clayton has one of the creepier Disney villain deaths. Very well done, Disney animators.

Also, the less he’ll sit still for a movie, the blurrier our pictures are. This is literally the best picture we got.

photo (3)


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