Disney Project 2014: The Rescuers

Movie: The Rescuers

Release year: 1977

My reaction: I don’t think I’ve seen this movie more than once or twice. In case you don’t know the plot, Miss Bianca and Bernard are two mice who are sent out from New York to rescue Penny, a little girl who’s being held captive in the bayou by Madame Medusa, a crazed jewel thief. Medusa is obsessed with finding the Devil’s Eye, a huge diamond that is hidden somewhere in a creepy cave that fills with water at high tide. Bianca and Bernard are assisted by some critter sidekicks.

Madame Medusa is a pretty scary villain. I mean, she is willing to drown Penny in order to find this diamond. Her alligators are named Brutus and Nero, which I think is clever. The critter characters are very “Cajun” – one of them just keeps giving people moonshine. That wouldn’t happen anymore. The animation is so 70s (in a good way). The music is so 70s (in a 70s way). I got a little misty when Penny got adopted at the end. I mean, that’s all she wanted in life. Isn’t that nice?

I have to admit it though…I think that I might prefer The Rescuers Down Under. We’ll find out for sure when we get there, I guess! (1990 – only 13 more years to go.)

Drew says: I think Miss Bianca might be kind of an idiot. Her reason for not wearing her seat belt on an open-air albatross that goes upside down, is that she doesn’t want to wrinkle her dress.


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