Disney Project 2014: Robin Hood

Movie: Robin Hood

Release year: 1973

My reaction: I love this one. If I took a poll of 3o-year-old girls, I bet many of them would say they had a childhood crush on Robin Hood. I know he’s a fox (no, literally, the woodland creature). But I would also bet that Drew thinks Maid Marian is a babe. In fact…

I love the Robin Hood legend in general. The 1938 movie (The Adventures of Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland) is near and dear to my heart. Who doesn’t love the handsome, roguish protagonist who is an expert marksman, outwits the bad guys, and wins the girl? All while wearing tights??

But I digress. The fox version is very good too. And I’ve grown fond of Phil Harris, who we’ve now seen in The Jungle Book (Baloo), The Aristocats (Thomas O’Malley), and Robin Hood (Little John). I like his voice. Good music in this one. Lots of memorable moments and lines.

We tried for a double header this weekend, The Aristocats on Saturday and Robin Hood on Sunday, but we didn’t quite make it through the latter. So we watched the last half hour on Tuesday, which split it up weirdly. I won’t push it like that again. Just trying to catch us up by the end of this month, which is halfway through the year!

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7 responses to “Disney Project 2014: Robin Hood

  1. This is totally my favorite. And I have totally had a crush on fox Robin Hood forever.

  2. I love this Robin Hood. It is a bright and fun adventure, full of just enough silliness.

  3. My kid absolutely would not sit through this one. This and “The Fox and the Hound.” Those are literally the only 2 Disney movies she won’t watch.

    • Does she prefer the princess movies? As a little kid, I preferred The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast over what I thought of as the “boy movies” – Robin Hood, Sword in the Stone, The Jungle Book, etc.

      • Though her favorite movie (like every kid in America) right now is “Frozen,” she did love Monsters Inc, Jungle Book and Peter Pan. So who knows. A 3 year old changes her mind every minute so I’ll just give it another try later.

      • I do hear they are fickle creatures. =)

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