Disney Project 2014: 101 Dalmatians

Movie: 101 Dalmatians

Release year: 1961

My reaction: I have stuck this movie into my own personal Disney mind vault, among the Sword in the Stones and the Dumbos – a movie of which I know entire chunks of dialogue, and have certain favorite pieces of animation – but not one that I ever feel nostalgic for. I’m not going to pull this off the shelf and watch it on a rainy day. (That’s what makes this project so awesome…) Just the opening credits were a total delight. I love this animation. I love that Pongo is the narrator. I love that Anita and Roger, a newly married couple, are delighted by the prospect of 15 additional puppies (but it’s probably time to get those dogs fixed. All of them. Not so lucky now, are you, Lucky?). The music is great, the villains are great. This might be the first instance of Disney putting characters from an earlier movie into the film – Lady and the Tramp and a bunch of their cohorts are seen throughout 101 Dalmatians.

Others’ reactions: I was recently followed by an actual blogger (as opposed to the bots) – just a dad with disney questions. I read a bunch of his posts because yes! some of these are really good questions. In particular, I found myself thinking of his post about 101 Dalmatians while watching the movie. Dalmatian Defamation, indeed! Good luck, Roger and Anita!

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3 responses to “Disney Project 2014: 101 Dalmatians

  1. Actually just wrote a follow up post as well entitled: ‘Was there a national dalmatian shortage?’…thought you might like it! Thanks for the shout out in the post!

    • Love it! How do you decide which movies to write about? Or is it all just dictated by your kids’ choices?

      • Thanks! Some are based on what my kids are watching. Some it have thought about for a long time but am just now putting words together in post form. Sometimes I am reading other people’s posts and they just come to me. So in answer to your question…absolutely no rhyme or reason. 😉

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