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Disney Project 2014: Alice in Wonderland

Movie: Alice in Wonderland

Release year: 1951

My reaction: So this has honestly never been one of my favorites. It feels like it drags, or something. Like, I remember all the different parts of it, but never really how they fit together. I don’t know if this stems from there being so many versions of Alice, and I’ve seen many of them several times? But this isn’t one I would ever pick to sit down and watch for old times’ sake.

Which is kind of funny, because Drew really likes it. But I just can’t get over how frustrating it is – she can’t get people to communicate effectively with her, she can’t figure out where she’s going, she keeps getting bigger or smaller…you know how it is.

That being said, I enjoyed this viewing and I think that B actually watched parts of it too. I mean, it’s very colorful and wacky and…animated. So it makes sense that it would draw his attention.

Favorite moment (which¬†would never be in a movie made now): The Walrus and the Carpenter. HE EATS ALL THE BABY OYSTERS. (Oops, spoiler, sorry.) It’s worth a watch if you haven’t seen it lately.

And with that…we’re caught up again! (For now.)

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