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Disney Project 2014: Fun and Fancy Free

Movie: Fun and Fancy Free

Release year: 1947

My reaction: This is composed of two short pieces: Bongo and Mickey and the Beanstalk. I’ve never seen Bongo, and it was cute, although I don’t know if it needed to be 45 minutes long. I’ve seen Mickey and the Beanstalk about a thousand times, although never with this frame, which was this guy telling the story to a little girl and two ventriloquist puppets. The puppets gave MST3K-style commentary throughout the story, which definitely wasn’t in the copy of the movie that I watched growing up. It was kind of weird. I remember that Mickey and the Beanstalk used to really freak me out as a kid. I went through a stage where I was really afraid of giants, and I think this might’ve been why.

B’s reaction: Oh, he just loved it.

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