Disney Project 2014: The Three Caballeros

Movie: The Three Caballeros

Release year: 1944

My reaction: is best summed up by this side-by-side comparison:

Halfway through the movie:
Drew: Do you like this?
Me: It’s okay.
Drew: I like this.

Half an hour later, the movie is still going:
Drew: We can stop, if you want.
Me: I’m kind of over it.
Drew: We don’t need over an hour of this.

Sorry, Three Caballeros. There are, as Drew put it, bound to be “some lame weeks” during this project.

B’s reaction: He was having An Evening. So he spent a lot of time walking around crying, or throwing himself on the floor. Alternating between that, and cracking up at some of our antics.

Next weekend, we should go back to watching these in the mornings.


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