6 Plot Holes in Disney’s “Frozen”

There was A LOT of hype around Disney’s latest film, Frozen. So when Drew and I finally saw it, we were both like, “Oh, okay…I mean, okay.” Some reviewer was running around calling it “The best Disney film since The Lion King,” which…no. And our friends were really talking it up.

But we walked out of the theatre with a lot of questions about a lot of plot holes.

WARNING: There be spoilers ahead.

For instance:

1. Wait, why is Kristoff’s family the trolls? Wasn’t he the son of one of the ice men in the opening number? If he wasn’t someone’s kid, what was he doing there? Where’d he get a sled and a reindeer?

2. I’m not sure I understand why the trolls have to modify Anna’s memory. There’s no other way to fix her? Why do they have to create this big fear in Elsa and her family? (See number 6)

3. At the end. How does Elsa suddenly understand how to thaw everything with love? What the heck does that mean? And how does one project it onto a frozen kingdom?

4. Why do the villagers suddenly accept Elsa and her sorcery, when they were previously so scared of her? But now it’s ok because she made us an ice rink?

5. Okay. So Elsa is a sorceress, Anna takes off after her, and leaves Hans in charge of the kingdom. He rules benevolently, handing out food and blankets to people. And then he mourns Anna when they all believe she is dead. No one in the kingdom knows about his treachery…So why do they all applaud when Anna punches him?

6. Do the trolls have to apologize for ruining so much of Elsa’s life with their fear mongering?

So, like I said, Drew and I both walked out of the theatre a little bit blah. We were both glad that Disney had made this movie, found it enjoyable if not thrilling, happy it’s part of the Disney oeuvre, etc etc.

But then, a crazy thing happened. Over the next 5 days, we must have watched the video of Elsa’s (Idina Menzel’s) coming-of-age song, “Let It Go,” a total of 2000 times. That is only a slight exaggeration. The view count for this video goes up by, like, millions every day. It’s insane.

Here, watch it now:

And now tell me that you’re not like, drooling to see this movie (even if you’ve seen it before). The more I watched that video, the more I was like, “Yeah! I can’t wait to see Frozen again!”

I started spotifying the soundtrack, and making coworkers watch the “Let It Go” video with me.

For our holiday gift exchange at work, someone gave me a CD of the soundtrack. And I wasn’t disappointed.

One night, I just searched out scenes from the movie on YouTube, then watched some behind-the-scenes footage with Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel…then just watched some Kristen Bell videos. (She is adorable, by the way.)

So now, yeah, I’m a fan of Frozen.

But I’d still like to get answers for the questions above.

(Or am I being too picky? Should I just…LET IT GO??)



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12 responses to “6 Plot Holes in Disney’s “Frozen”

  1. Dad

    No! Do NOT just let it go! Someone has to hold these people accountable! They have the hearts and minds of our children right in their grasping little hands, and they must be watched! Otherwise, what happens the next time some trolls are blamed for frozen kingdoms and all that? It’s a slippery slope….

  2. Anja Line

    Well.. I think I know the answer to number 3: Olaf the snowman likes warm hugs and is a symbol of the good and fun and especially warm memories that the girls had as children. Elsa´s ice cold powers are getting stronger and the fear is the reason why everything freezes. It’s kind of symbolic of how much fear can take control over you. At the end, Elsa sees Anna freeze to ice and Elsa is so sad because she loses Anna and hugs her because she loves her and don’t want to lose her. The warm hug is a symbol and an act of true love, love is warm = warm hug = Elsa´s frozen heart melts (like Olaf said: some people are worth melting for) and therefore her frozen sister Anna melts and becomes normal again. Anna is the symbol of fun and love. I think it’s the reason why her hair is almost red, Elsa´s hair is white. Elsa finally finds out that love will melt the ice and she has nothing to fear for and she can now control her powers and love gets the frozen land to melt and it brings back summer. Summer is like love, winter is like fear that needs to be controlled so it won’t be dangerous and won’t grow out of hand. Oh, and Elsa was also sad when her parents were dead but her fear would just grow there because her heart was full of fear and the fear of losing Anna would just grow much more now and Elsa wasn’t able to show Anna that she loves her because she was afraid of her own fear. Her heart “got frozen”. She was kind of afraid to show love so fear freeze her heart.
    Listen to the first song “frozen heart” by the men.
    Well.. That’s how I understand the movie 🙂 Beautiful movie!! ❤

    • Thanks for the comment, Anja Line! The funny thing is that the more I watch the movie, the more I like it and the plot holes seem less significant. =) Chalk this one up to blogging too soon.

  3. Diana

    #4 if you are watching the ending (the part where Anna sacrifices herself), you can see people looking out the windows, so the villagers/castle folk saw that Hans was going to kill Elsa, so they knew Hans was evil.

    Also a lot of these aren’t necessary for the purpose of the movie. It’s all unnecessary details. It doesn’t contribute to the main point/story line of the 2 sisters finally reuniting after so many years.

  4. I agree with you that Frozen gets better the more you watch it, but my biggest issue with your blog is, Why is Lion King better?

    In the Lion King, I can never get past the fact that Simba blames himself for his father’s death. Doesn’t he remember Scar taking him to the valley, supposedly at Mufasa’s request? It wasn’t his fault that there was a stampede, or did he really think his roar practice started it? Maybe as a child (cub), Simba would feel guilt, but as a grown lion? Come on. Even though the audience knew Scar murdered Mufasa and Simba didn’t, you would think that as time went by, Simba would come to understand that his father’s death was just a misfortunate accident. But there he is, as a grown lion, confessing to his mother that he killed his father. I don’t buy it.

    So, while Lion King is a great movie, I think Frozen is by far the better of the two. I think Frozen is the best Disney film since Beauty and the Beast, and perhaps even better than that one.

    • Sorcerer

      Not better than Beauty and the Beast. That one is just better-crafted. Frozen feels like it’s missing several explanatory scenes. (Which makes sense, actually, given that Disney had to distill a 7-volume story into a 100-minute film.)

  5. Doodle bug

    I think you should “let it go”! Although your points are valid, the more you watch the movie the more you come up with crazy(and at the same time sane) excuses… Like number 5 is that the villagers find that Hans is evil because they see Anna is still alive before she throws herself in front of Elsa.

  6. Liesel

    Yes, it’s a children’s story, but…
    1. There were 3 years between the deaths of the parents and Elsa’s coronation. Who was running the country? Why wouldn’t Anna know this? Why wouldn’t she leave them in charge of the country instead of Hans? And why would whoever the Regent was put up with it, if she had?
    2. Wasn’t someone teaching Elsa how to run a country during all this time? And why didn’t they teach her her first duty was to the country, no matter what her personal problems are?
    3. Anna couldn’t have been all that lonely. Someone had to clean & mend her clothes, make her new ones when she outgrew them, etc. Clearly there were servants around at least. Besides someone should have been teaching Anna how to be a queen, just in case something happened to Elsa: illness, accidents, assassination attempts…. And shouldn’t Anna have been taught her first duty was to the country, so she wouldn’t have run off after Elsa in the first place?
    4. Elsa was queen. She would never have bowed her head to be crowned. A sovereign bows to no one.
    5. Why would Anna expect to marry for love? As a princess, she would have been a political pawn, to be married for an alliance. She should have been taught this too. And she would have known the marriage of princess would involve treaties & negotiations over months or even years.
    6. What period was this story in? The Fragonard painting, The Swing, was painted in 1767. While that’s not all that modern, the concepts of royal duty and marriage of convenience were not new, even then.
    –I like the music, but I can’t suspend disbelief. The plot flaws ruin the story for me. Used to be Disney stories held together for adults too, not just little kids. Guess Walt is rolling over in his grave.

  7. Liesel

    Two more things:
    1. They’re just going to take Hans’s word for it that a) Anna is dead and b) he and Anna got married before she died (without witnesses or proof) and hand over the country to him without question???
    2. A ruling sovereign can’t be charged with treason and condemned to death without a trial (unless this is some kind of coup d’etat, and if it’s a coup, why would the people of Arendelle put up with that from a foreigner without an army to back him up?).

  8. when I think about it, I think disney movies only sell ’cause it was made by disney. I know they’re supposed to be simple family movies, nothing actually deep, and I’m cool with that, but their movies are constantly filled with insanely one dimensional characters, and to me it feels like the writers of frozen just thought “hey lets write this thing and it’ll sell”!

  9. Also, what was the point of Kristoff being there with the trolls at the beginning? Wouldn’t he have remembered the princess had powers? He saw and heard everything. Why would he have kept it a secret? Why would he not have remembered Anna?

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