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Fail at life

Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh.

But I don’t think so.

Today, The Hunger Games posted this picture on Facebook:

It’s nice, right? I mean, it’s kind of a cool poster. People seemed to like it. I think it’s fine.

But Jonathan and I started reading all the comments, and making fun of them. The most random and ridiculous we hit “like.” Some of them were composed of text speak and annoying symbols (~~~*** etc). One of them was like a chain letter in a comment. (We totally followed the instructions, although we didn’t post it on 15 other people’s walls.)

But then this comment popped up:

Uggghhhhhh…this comment really bothers me for some reason. I think it’s partly the combination of absolutely no punctuation (except for the 4-dot ellipse), spelling errors (kmovie), text speak (idk), and blatant ignorance (“are ready” = “already”). But the icing on the cake is that “there were like this big dogs or something,” but, despite this being the climax of the movie, she didn’t really get what was going on.

And yes, I understand that the kids commenting on this FB post are probably all like 14 years old. But since when is that an excuse? This is still life. You can’t get through life like that.

Is this really the generation that’s going to be in charge in a few decades?


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