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Missing: Very Small Reward

We cannot find our can opener. Despite the fact that we have TWO of them. Despite the fact that Drew swears he’s seen one of them somewhere in the new apartment since we moved in. But we seriously cannot find either. We have been through the entire apartment several times – usually every time we forget and buy non-pull-top cans at the grocery store – and still nothing.

What’s a girl to do? I mean, I have this Anderson’s pea soup, and I can’t touch it. That’s a tragedy right there.

I think I’m going to have to go buy a new one. As soon as I do that, both of the original ones will pop up again. Then we’ll have three, and this problem will never happen again.



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Words and waiting

All I can think about lately is how absent I’ve been. I have very few blog posts this month – I mean, I’m barely holding on to that “once a week” thing. I totally failed at Script Frenzy…oops. I had this New Year’s Resolution to write a newspaper article and a short story every month – which lasted January and February. I was flipping through a local community college’s summer catalog today, looking at the writing classes, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to pay hundreds of dollars for 3 units of community college credit that I don’t even know is going to be tailored to what I want.

But it’s not a good idea to broadcast your failure, so I won’t talk about all that. Instead, I’ll just give you some random things.

My book club’s next book, which we are meeting about on May 12th but which I just got on Friday, is called Straight: The Surprisingly Short History of Heterosexuality. This could either be really interesting, or really annoying. I will begin reading that later tonight, hopefully.

My friend Sam just went on a family trip to Japan and brought back this dragon for me and Drew.

Our baby will be born in the year of the Dragon, which I understand to be the best year. (I never paid any attention to these things when I was just a Rat.)

In general, pregnancy is going well. This week starts the fifth month, which is crazy to think about. If we were going to be finding out the sex, that would be around the corner. This weekend we went and worked on our registry, which was really fun, but much more complicated and time-consuming than registering for wedding gifts. Instead of just saying “I like this,” we have to say, “Which brand is better? What type of carrier do we want? Does this have good ratings?” It’s intimidating. But I had fun. And I definitely feel like we made some progress.

Next weekend, Drew, Erin, 5 other people, and I are walking as a team in the Arthritis Foundation’s big annual walk. It’s a 5K in San Francisco, and as a team we raised over $1000. I am very happy we reached our goal and looking forward to the walk (which we have talked about following up with burritos, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo…).

Today Erin, Sam, and I went and had lunch and got manicures in Burlingame. My nails are now bright blue (OPI’s “No Room for the Blues”). I like it, because it’s eye-catching, but it’s the first time since high school I’ve had nails this bright and unnatural. I always pick “light pink” or “sparkly pink” or “light sparkly pink.” This blue looks like candy and makes me feel very summery. Up next: pedicures to match!

Last year I made up this “Post a day May” thing for myself, and I’m going to do that again this year. Try to get myself back on track. I’ve just been kind of distracted lately. But I’ll make it up to you by writing a poem sometime in the next 5 weeks. Enjoy the suspense!

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The Art of Avoiding Eye Contact

Drew and I went to a show at a theatre company some time this weekend, and in the lobby I noticed someone with whom we are both familiar. Let’s call this person Pat. I said to Drew, “Hey, Pat’s over there,” and he said, “Did you say hi?” and I said, “No,” and he said, “I don’t need to say hi.”

Then we went and sat down, and after a minute he grabbed my arm and I intuited (from years of having things like this happen) that Pat was now behind us. About a minute before the show was about to start Pat crossed the theatre and I said, “Don’t worry, s/he can’t hurt you now.” But then Pat ran back over and sat down in Pat’s seat very near to where we were sitting.

At intermission we went and hung out outside (and chatted with the ASM on the show who is a friend of mine), and then we went back inside. I don’t know how, during all this, Pat and I never managed to make eye contact, but we didn’t. By the end of intermission when everyone was settled back in our seats I started pondering if Pat was also avoiding eye contact with us as much as we were with Pat.

The show ended, applause ensued, and we took off in order to try to get back through San Francisco on a Sunday night (rarely a small feat). I never said hi to Pat; Pat never said hi to us. For all I know, Pat has no idea we were there, breathing the same air. But I find it more likely that we were all in agreement that a hello wasn’t really necessary.

I guess that’s the world we live in now.


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This Girl’s Treasure

The other day Drew put on a jacket he hasn’t worn in over seven years (apparently) and said, “Oh wow, guess what I just found?”

My first thought was Twenty bucks??

But what he showed me was kind of way better than that.

This is the ticket stub from the first movie we ever saw together. It was January 9, 2005, it was a Sunday, and I think it wasn’t actually a date.

I remember that I was running late getting to the theater, and parking was hard to find, and he was already waiting and had already purchased his ticket. I don’t remember how late I was but I hope it wasn’t bad – I know now how much he hates being late. Oops!

While we were reminiscing about this movie, I asked him why it wasn’t a date, and why he didn’t buy my ticket, and why we didn’t do anything afterward. His response was, “I don’t know…but don’t worry, everything worked out in the end.”

It’s just so weird to think about – when this ticket was printed, we were just two people who went to school together. And then less than three weeks later we had started down a path that would lead us inexorably to New York City and back, to marriage, to starting a family…and that’s all within eight years. There are so many more years yet to come!

I saved the ticket stub, by the way. I mean…wouldn’t you?

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Shelve all the things

Last night Erin came over to the new place to help me go through this:


After about an hour and a half, we took a break to get some water (and seconds of pizza) and admire how far we’d come:


And when she left an hour after that, we had filled all the shelves. Most of them were pretty themed. I tend to like to take all the books that

a) I like the most,
b) I’m proudest of, and
c) have the highest reread potential

and put them on the eye-level shelves. I don’t think Erin likes that very much. I think she wanted them more thematically arranged, and she didn’t seem to be a fan of Marian Keyes next to Ira Levin. But that’s okay. After it’s all done, I can always switch everything around. (JUST KIDDING ERIN.)

Anyway, here’s everything filled:


And all that remains is assorted fiction, which will hopefully fit on this one last shelf I have.


Oh, who am I kidding? I need to buy a new bookshelf!

(I promise, after this, I’ll stop talking about books for awhile. I know it’s been a lot lately.)

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Better late than never

Drew and I are in the middle of moving, as I keep mentioning. In fact we have given ourselves a goal of being completely out of here and living there by next Sunday. Which is slightly daunting.

This afternoon he went by the apartment and realized someone had left two pots of flowers on the doorstep. Since it doesn’t seem to be anyone that we know…I wonder if this means we have really sweet neighbors?

One funny thing that happened today as a result of being so far in the process, is that this afternoon I finished my other library book, and then I wandered around for awhile going, “What am I going to read now?” I had a few choices:

a) go in the guest bedroom and read a Cat Who book
b) read one of the (few) books (left behind) here that I have already finished
c) go out to my car and find something in the trunk

When Drew got home, he pointed out the Amazon box on the floor, under a box of ginger snaps, which I then remembered had 5 brand new books still in it.

See, every time I think we’ve got them all…

The other funny thing happened when we were unpacking all our kitchen stuff this weekend. We were pulling stuff out that we’ve literally never used. It’s mostly kitchen stuff, and, now that I think about it, it’s mostly stuff we didn’t register for, that we still liked, but just haven’t had the chance yet. For example, a sugar-and-creamer set…in a pattern that I totally adore, but we’re just not big coffee drinkers. (We should change that.) There’s also a wedding-style picture frame that we should probably use to display a wedding picture. One of these days.

A friend who was over helping us unpack suggested that it would make a good blogging project – to commit to using those things we’ve never used, and then chronicle that. So hopefully over the rest of 2012, I’ll be making an effort to get some of that great stuff out of its packaging and onto the table.

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Facebook, right ahead!

First, I’d like to mention that Titanic is out in theatres again and I’m pretty psyched. I kind of really want to go see it. Titanic is an awesome movie, and I only hope that they didn’t ruin it by putting it in 3D.

Seriously. I just googled “Titanic screen shots” to find something appropriate, and every single picture made me think, “Oh, I love that part of the movie!” If you haven’t seen it lately (like, since it came out in the mid-90s) you should definitely check it out now.

In other news, I’ve been thinking a lot about what will happen on Sunday. Sunday is Easter. Easter means a lot of things to me, and I like it a lot. But this year specifically, Easter means my return to Facebook. And I’m no longer sure how I feel about that.

This morning on Sarah and Vinnie, Vinnie said:

“People say ‘That’s not real life.’ But Facebook IS real life. That’s where real life is happening. Every day I see people run to Facebook to post something important about their life. Or not important.”

Very apropos, since I’ve been thinking about how to handle this return to “real life.” I might have to do this in a list format.

On the one hand: I am starting to not miss it. I definitely don’t miss getting irritated by updates from people I don’t like. And I don’t miss having to keep up with everything that everyone posts.

On the other hand: It is a great way to keep in touch with people I don’t regularly speak with. Like far-flung cousins or old family friends. Also, sometimes we use it for work purposes.

On the other hand: I am enjoying the ignorance of not knowing certain things.

On the other hand: I don’t want to be “that guy” who has to tell everyone, “Oh, I don’t have a Facebook.” What’s next? “I don’t have a TV” or “I don’t have a cell phone”? (No, never either of those things.)

On the other hand: What if I have some piece of critical information to share? Drew and I are currently moving into a new apartment. It’s kind of exciting. But how is anyone going to know that without Facebook?

On the other hand: Who needs to know about that? Besides people who will come visit, who will probably ask me for the address beforehand?

On the other hand: Okay, so what if I had some other kind of news to share? And rather than sending mass emails or trying to text everyone, I just want to drop one Facebook post and be done with it?

On the other hand: Would I not be doing that just to get attention? And I certainly don’t want to go back to pandering for likes or comments. Also, isn’t that kind of why I have  a blog?

So, I guess I haven’t really decided anything. Except that I need to figure out when I can go see Titanic.

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