Chasing Cars

Yesterday, when I left for work, a man came out of an apartment opposite me and crossed to a car two spaces away from mine. I paid attention to him because I was mentally calculating a) whether I would be out of the space behind his car by the time he pulled out; and b) whether I might be able to get out of my parking spot before he got of his. But he was moving pretty quickly, and he jumped in his SUV and drove away.

As I got into my car, a woman ran (not jogged) from the same direction as he had, and chased after his car. She looked kind of angry. Not like, “Darling, you forgot the lunch I packed you!” angry, but more like, “I can’t believe you bailed in the middle of our argument and are now driving away” angry. She chased him through most of the parking lot and then gave up and went back inside.

Last night, when I got home, a car was leaving the parking lot. As I parked, I watched a stocky guy come around the corner and then chase after the car. Not in an angry way – he kind of had this look on his face like, “I look stupid, and I’m wearing pajamas and it’s wet out here.” He jogged after the car around the corner, and then I didn’t see him come back, so I’m hoping he caught up. I wonder if I should have done something to help him. I could have honked maybe?

Anyway. Two people chasing cars in a 12-hour time span. Is this a sign of something? Should I get a dog? I don’t know.


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One response to “Chasing Cars

  1. David (Uncle Pastor) Hamilton

    I have been driving now for 40 years, and I can’t think of a time yet that I have seen someone chasing a car, let alone two someones in twelve hours (except on TV). So I think this is a remarkable occurrence, although I can’t say what it might mean. The Zombie Apocalypse? As for getting a dog, is that a sign of envy? – you want to have someone chasing after your car now, too? Or, and I can see this so clearly, a strange car driving out of a parking lot, with a strange person chasing it, and your dog chasing the person, and you driving along behind. I think it might be a zombie driving that first car… But I can’t say for sure.

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