Recreating an old photo

It’s been quite the busy weekend. Drew has been in Sacramento with his friends this weekend and is coming home tonight. I somehow accidentally scheduled myself full days so there has been hardly any time at home to do the chores/homework I was going to do this weekend.

Yesterday around noon I picked up Erin and took her with me to look at this apartment in Daly City. Then we went and had sushi, and then we both went home. Then we met up again in Berkeley to see Ghost Light. We both got there early so we spent some time in the most awesome half-price bookstore by Berkeley Rep.

Today, Erin, her 15-year-old sister, and I got manicures at this kind of skeevy place in Burlingame. We won’t be going there again. But my nails are pretty. Then Erin and I went up to Mill Valley to see A Steady Rain at MTC, picking up some In & Out on the way. The show turned out to be a one-act, which was the most happy surprise ever. On the way back home, we stopped to do something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.

I have this picture of myself when I was really young (4? 5? I can’t tell kids’ ages) up on the headlands over the Golden Gate Bridge, with this security blanket I loved until my dog Kim ate it. And I’ve been wanting to kind of recreate that picture, with my other security blanket (replacement post-Kim), which is almost in pieces. And I know Erin loves adventures and taking pictures, and since we were on that side of the bridge anyway…

So here are the results from that!

It was quite windy.

But a freaking beautiful day today.

I tried to do a panorama view with this (free) app I have, but it was only semi-successful. I’m still learning.

Great weekend! And I’m SO GLAD tomorrow is off as well!



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7 responses to “Recreating an old photo

  1. Dad

    You know, it’s always amazing when you remember something that I remember, too, like that photo. I always loved that picture. Also the one of you totally bald at about a year old up on 101 in the redwoods. Can you recreate that one? You’d have to shave your head. Anyway, great picture. I never thought you could get any cuter than that day so long ago, but I was wrong.

  2. JoeRedHead

    So Beautiful! nice work!

  3. I really like killing time browsing the Young Me/Now Me blog (have you seen it? it’s great!), so I love that you did this! What a good idea!

    • Aww, I like the Young Me/Now Me thing too! My dad and his parents and three siblings have this iconic family portrait from when they were all kids, and I like to make them retake it whenever they’re all together (rare – like every 10 years). I might have to submit that. =)
      My friend Erin turned me on to, which is where the taking a photo of a photo thing came from. It reminds me of Young Me/Now Me…All very sentimental and retro!

  4. ohmygosh–how did I not know about that I just spent way more time than I should have looking at page after page. I particularly like the writing that goes with the photos–very poetic, really. Thanks for sharing!

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