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Here’s something kind of crazy. In January I posted a picture (among other pictures) of a cardboard box with a weird “code” on it. Because I think I’m funny, I tagged that blog post with the “code” in the picture. I never thought about it again.

A couple days ago I was obsessively looking at my stats (hard to stop, even when it’s been a few days since writing something) and I noticed that someone had Googled that phrase and gotten here. I suddenly realized I should have Googled it (didn’t I enjoy finding out what a Gerchanovsky was?). So I did.

The first link listed was the LinkedIn page of this particular person. Oh, how I hate LinkedIn – does anyone else get nothing but notifications from them, with zero ways to turn them off?? – but I guess it’s good for something. Like discovering Gerchanovsky. Or this other guy. Whose name I’m deliberately not typing out.

Anyway, he’s an Executive Asst at the company that occupies the office building right next to ours. So I guess at some point, in all my stealing boxes from work to pack up the apartment, I managed to get a couple that belonged to them, in particular to him. And then I brought those boxes home, and then I made fun of his name.

But you know? I really really like when mysterious things become suddenly explained. Especially things you’ve forgotten about, that never really mattered that much anyway.


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