It’s Christmas in South City!

There’s this neighborhood in South San Francisco, where they must have some kind of agreement or something that you have to sign when you move in, because everyone goes crazy during the holidays. I love it. I aspire to one day live in a place where I’m forced to put up hundreds of dollars of decorations every year so people can come park in front of my driveway and take pictures in my front yard.

Oh, that came out as sarcasm, but I’m totally serious.

Drew, Erin, and I went the other night, but we just drove through and so all my pictures are a little blurry, as Drew was reluctant to stop in the middle of everything and wait for me to get the perfect shot. I had to just magically get it while he was stopped momentarily in the line of cars.

Here are an assortment of – but not all of – those pictures:

The blue house... to the white house

Candy cane fence

One of many Santas riding motorcycles

The best house!

That last house is the best house – it’s one of the first ones you see on your way in and the last one on your way out. It’s the prettiest and the cleanest-looking. There aren’t any weird creepy anamatronics in the windows, and what you can see of the inside of their house is also nice and Christmassy. It’s just the best house of the bunch.

I could have taken my blurry shots and been done with it – and supplemented this blog post with a handmade holiday poem or something – but then last night some of us went out for dinner and on the way back, the one person in the car who you’d expect to be the least excited about Christmas, said, “Ooh! Ooh! Have you seen the neighborhood with the decorated houses? Can we go look at it?”

I mean, that’s just adorable, you have to say yes.

Plus, we had Starbucks, so we were all feeling the holiday spirit.

So we parked and walked around, which means I got slightly less blurry pictures. Although I think that, without a real camera and a tripod, I was never going to get magazine-spread-ready photos. But I mean…cameraphone diaries.

Here are some details I didn’t get during our drive-by visit:

A closeup of the best house, and their tree.

On any other street in any other neighborhood, this house would be amazing. But here, it's like...Okay. What else you got?

I just like the reflection of the house across the street.

A couple years ago, Drew and Erin and I did this, and I had a picture of myself in front of this wreath. Oh yeah, a lot of houses reuse their decorations.

This house goes for quality, not quantity. A real snow globe! These kids were losing their minds!

I just love Nativities.

This is the bear house. They have two of the creepiest trees ever - made all out of bears, held hostage with Christmas lights.

A closeup of the upstairs bear tree...

God knows I tried to take a good picture of us. But I look awkward in all of them. This is the least awkward-looking.

An assortment of characters!

I like the reflections here too

I'm hoping that these people are on vacation or something, and they don't hate their lives.


I remember this from last year too. I don't think they're all children. In my head this is a daycare center or something.

Drew likes this tree. He thinks it should be in Downtown Disney or something.

Geese on the roof!

It sure feels like Christmas here – and I can’t wait to see my family tonight and Drew’s family tomorrow! Merry Christmas, all!!



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2 responses to “It’s Christmas in South City!

  1. Bob

    Just found your website and wanted to tell you that it is not required to decorate if you live here. Everyone just does what they want. The house with all the elves is all the children and grandchildren. Thank you for your comment on the corner house being the best. It’s mine. Thanks again

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