The end of an era

Packing sucks.

Two years and five months ago, Drew and I packed up all out stuff in New York and moved back to California. Since then we have apparently fooled ourselves that we’re minimalist – we are finding that we have A. LOT. OF. STUFF.

Part of that is getting married and getting lots of wonderful wedding gifts. Part of it is trying to get all of our childhood stuffs out of our parents’ houses. And part of it is just the fact that we both like to collect things.

I feel like we’ve been packing and packing and yet it looks like NOTHING has happened in here. I finally just finished packing books. At some point in the last couple years, I have acquired a bookstore. I knew it was getting bad because of the way books were piling up on the shelves on top of and in front of each other. But I didn’t realize it was like, pack for days and have boxes filled with books but still be finding them in random places, bad.

The reason for the packing is that we’re getting out of this apartment – nothing against the apartment itself but it feels like it’s time to move on. It’s starting to feel cramped (see? too much stuff) and there are small annoying things about the complex.

So, we picked out a place in St. Francis Wood, four stories, with a massive driveway and an indoor pool. We move in in two weeks.

Just kidding. (St. Francis Wood is a GORGEOUS neighborhood in San Francisco.)

This place can be yours for $12,000,000!

We’re actually moving a little further down the peninsula, closer to my work. I believe it will be temporary, as we’re both partial to the fog and being closer to the ocean, and this place is on the bay side, where they actually have seasons! I am looking forward to that.

We’re out of here at the end of the month. Two weeks to go! Merry Christmas! Back to packing now.


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