Where I criticize a published writer, but by what right?

So, this is the first time in 2011 that I went over 7 days without posting. It’s been busy here, y’all.

I’ve been reading, among other books, this book that I got at the Palo Alto Borders at like 90% off right before they closed. It’s a paperback thriller by an author that I have been reading for years. I have about half a dozen of his books that I adore, and have read over and over again. I would definitely admit to liking this author.

I bought this 90% off book because it’s from the early 90s (I like his late 80s-early 90s stuff the best), and I thought it sounded promising. But it’s like, in 1992, something weird happened in this guy’s head and everything just got super purple.

Here are a couple passages to make my point:

“When Redlow regained consciousness, his assorted pains were so bad, they took one hundred percent of his attention. He had a violent headache to which he could have testified with such feeling in a television commercial that they would have been forced to open new aspirin factories to meet the consumer response.” WTF.

“Later, on their way from the Haunted House to an attraction called Swamp Creature, they stopped at a stand sellling blocks of ice cream dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed nuts.” You mean an ice cream bar? Why not just say “ice cream bars”?

“Well, if she did cry, her treacherous sinuses would kick in, and the old snot-faucet would start gushing, whcih would surely make her even more appealing. He’d give up the idea of a leisurely drive, and head for home at such tremendous speed that he’d have to stand on the brakes a mile from the house to avoid shooting straight through the back of the garage.” Puuuuurple!

I mean, what is going on here? This doesn’t even feel like the same guy. Maybe someone else did this one for him? Or maybe, as Drew suggested, he had a word quota to meet? Despite all that, I’m still reading it eagerly and I have no idea what’s going to happen in the end, so that’s fun.

NaNoWriMo starts next week, and I am getting a little anxious. I knew that Oct 1 – Nov 15 was going to be a crazy busy time. I’m just glad that we’re nearing the end of it.


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One response to “Where I criticize a published writer, but by what right?

  1. I’m excited for nanowrimo. I’ve got an Idea for a series of books. not a novel, necessarily, but it’s writing all the same. Will share with you.

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